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Dan-El Padilla Peralta

Contact Information: 

5th year, Ancient History track
BA, Classics, Princeton University
MPhil, Greek and Roman History, Oxford University

I work on Roman Republican culture and religion. My core interests are the uses and interpretations of religious ritual at Rome; votives, especially inscribed ones; Republican and Augustan poetry and prose, with a special weakness for Livy; "the theological efforts of the Roman upper classes"; and the relationship between religious practices and state-formation processes. I'm a very big fan of engaging text-based, archaeological, and social-scientific approaches to the study of the ancient world in continuous dialogue. Outreach matters a great deal to me, as does the crafting of (good) arguments for the pursuit of humanistic study.

Outside of Classics, I try to keep up to date on trends in US education and immigration policy. In my spare time I watch all varieties of sport.

Current Projects: 
Dissertation: “Divine institutions: religious practice, economic development, and social transformation in mid-Republican Rome”