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Donni Wang

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Donni's work in ancient Greek history aims to uncover the voices that challenged one of the major turns in Western civilization: the closing of a free community to all outsiders. Her research has been directly influenced by the rise of “history from below,” which emphasizes the multiplicity and contested nature of the past. As it is widely known, the Greek polis by in large was made of citizens born inside the small community. This fact, however, should not obscure the forces that constantly fractured this hegemonic ideology, such as practices of asylum and guest-host friendship, panhellenic kinship and affiliation, and most importantly, a borderless Western humanism that provided the moral and intellectual foundation for the polis in the first place. These narratives of resistance, though often not stated explicitly, call into question a political order derived from an ascriptive identity catagory of locality. To highlight this struggle, different approaches are combined to give voice to those who were, and still are, on the "outside."