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Matthew P. Loar


Ph.D. Candidate, Classical Literature Track

Contact Information: 

B.A. in Classics (with Honors) from Washington and Lee University (2007)
M.St. in Women’s Studies (with distinction) from Kellogg College, University of Oxford (2009)

I am an alumnus of the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome; I have conducted archaeological fieldwork in East Lokris, Greece with the Mitrou Archaeological Project; and I taught high school math at Tower Hill School in Wilmington, DE. In recent years I have participated in the Advanced Seminar in the Humanities through Venice International University. 

A desire to bridge disciplinary divides motivates my dissertation, “Hercules at the Crossroads of Augustan Literature and Art.” Whereas common readings of Hercules in Augustan literature cast him as an exemplar for Augustus, prevailing interpretations of Hercules in Augustan art depict him as representative of Marc Antony, and few have attempted to reconcile these divergent conclusions. Looking beyond the dichotomous Augustan readings for Hercules, my project expands the ambit of Hercules’ significations, elucidating chiefly the tenacity of Republican themes and ideas inhering in Hercules. I am currently completing my dissertation in Los Angeles as a Visiting Graduate Researcher at UCLA.

When not working on my dissertation, my interests revolve around ancient language pedagogy, with particular attention to teaching Biblical Greek at the introductory level, and the future of Classics and classical scholarship. I also serve as the department's graphic designer.

Current Projects: 
Hercules, Mummius, and the Roman Triumph in Aeneid 8
Parallel Lives in Sallust's Bellum Catilinae: Q. Curius and Sempronia