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Stephen Sansom

Contact Information: 

M.A. in Classical Studies, Vanderbilt University (2012)
Summer Session, American School of Classical Studies at Athens (2011)
B.A. in Classics and English, Samford University (2007)

Stephen is a Ph.D. student on the Language and Literature track. Having left the South's humid embrace for the epiphanic shores of the West Coast, he is currently pursuing his interests in early Greek poetry and poetics. Past projects have involved memory and being in Hesiod's Theogony and agonistic performance in the Homeric Hymn to Apollo; current projects include memory and metrics in the Odyssey, hymnic performance in the Iliad, and the Latin reception of Hesiod. He is currently serving as president (and joyous translator/actor) for Stanford Classics in Theater, and can often be found exploring the Bay Area's burgeoning BBQ foodways or hiking its endless open space preserves.

Current Projects: 
Remembering Odysseus: line-initial memory in the Odyssey