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The Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity is most pleased to announce four groups of fellows selected for 2009-2010.

External Faculty Fellows are faculty from other universities who share a comparative, multidisciplinary and multiracial approach to the study of race, ethnicity and culture.  They will do independent research during their stay and participate in the many events of CCSRE, including Fellows Forum, Faculty Seminar Series, and faculty networks on topics of interest to them.

Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, Chicana/o Studies, University of California Davis; “Youth, Race, and Science: The Juvenile Justice System in California, 1850 to 1940”

Melissa Michelson, Political Science, California State University East Bay; “Are You Asking Me? Mobilization and Inclusion among Low-propensity Voters in California's Communities of Color”

Celine Shimizu, Asian American Studies, University of California Santa Barbara; “Straitjacket Sex Scenes: Men of Color in the Movies”

Garcia Tendayi Viki, Psychology, University of Kent; “The effects of exposure to positive stereotypes on people's performance, self-efficacy and well-being”

Graduate Dissertation Fellows are Stanford graduate students who are at the dissertation writing stage of their degree.

Lori Flores, History; “People on Fire in the Cold War: Mexican American Communities, Identities, and Civil Rights Struggles in California, 1945-1965”

Ramah McKay, Anthropology; “Affective Interventions: Making Medical Welfare in Mozambique”

Emily Ryo, Sociology; “Becoming Illegal”

CSRE Teaching Fellows are awarded to Stanford graduate students to serve as TAs for CCSRE faculty or to teach their own course.

Brenda Frink, History; “Pioneers and Patriots: Race, Gender, and the Construction of Citizenship in California, 1875-1915”

Ju Yon Kim, Modern Thought and Literature; “Disappearing Acts and Uncanny Materializations: Performances of the Racial Mundane”

Rand Quinn, Education; "Community Mobilization and the Multi-ethnic Politics of Urban Education: Integrating San Francisco Schools."

CSRE Graduate Fellowship is a three-year award for doctoral students newly admitted by a department or program.

Alyssa Fu, Psychology

 Luis Poza, Education

 Maribel Santiago, Education.


Education & Opportunity: A forum on the Kerner Commission Forty Year Report
The Eisenhower Foundation will co-sponsor a daylong forum at Stanford to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Kerner Commission report and to bring attention to issues of educational inequality.

Embracing Diversity: Making and Unmaking Racial, Ethnic and Cultural Difference in the 21st Century
Our 10th anniversary conference will revolve around a number of sessions that will focus on research and policy-related issues, including the following: the challenge to Brown vs. the Board of Education presented by the recent Supreme Court ruling, the struggles of immigrants in the U.S. and in other receiving nations, religious diversity, identities, and conflict, and processes of cultural discourse and production around racial difference.

November 1, 2007, McCaw Hall, Arrillaga Alumni Center
November 2, 2007, Annenberg Auditorium

Feminicide = Sanctioned Murder: Race, Gender and Violence in Global Context
This conference will examine the murders and disappearances of women in Mexico, Guatemala, and Canada occurring on an epidemic scale.

May 16-19, 2007, Tresidder, Oak West, Stanford University

Race, Inequality, and Incarceration
An intellectual summit addressing the causes, meanings, and effects of racial disproportion in the American criminal justice system with a focus on massive incarceration and racial disproportion in American prisons and jails.

April 11, 2007, The Bechtel Center, Stanford University

Revisiting Race in a Genomic Age: A Public Forum on Race-Based Drug Design
Tuesday, January 10
th, 2006 from 4 to 6pm at the Stanford Humanities Center

Policing Racial Bias Project Initial Conference
Social psychologists and law enforcement agencies examine racial bias in policing

Interdisciplinary conferences on race, ethnicity and culture
Information about past conferences organized by CCSRE


2008 Autumn Quarter - Presidential Politics: Race, Class, Faith & Gender in the 2008 Election
One-time only course open to undergraduate and graduate students as well as the general public

2006 Autumn Quarter - Immigration: Rights and Wrongs
One-time only course open to undergraduate and graduate students

2005 Autumn Quarter - Confronting Katrina: Race, Class, and Disaster in American Society
One-time only course open to undergraduate and graduate students as well as the general public

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