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Current Fellows for 2009-10

External Faculty Fellows

Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, Associate Professor of Chicana/o Studies, University of California, Davis. "Youth, Race, and Science: The Juvenile Justice System in California, 1850 to 1940."

Miroslava Chavez-Garcia received her doctorate in History from the University of California at Los Angeles in 1998 and has published a book and articles on gender, patriarchy, and the law in nineteenth century California and an essay on the contemporary relationship between Chicana Studies and Women's Studies. Her current research interests and publications focus on youth, juvenile justice, race, and science in early twentieth-century California reform schools.

Melissa Michelson, Associate Professor of Political Science, California State University, East Bay. "Are You Asking Me? Mobilization and Inclusion among Low-propensity Voters in California's Communities of Color, 2006-2009."

Melissa Michelson was principal investigator for the evaluation of the James Irvine Foundation's California Votes Initiative, a multi-year effort to increase voting rates among infrequent voters in California's San Joaquin Valley and targeted areas in Southern California. Her current research project uses CVI data to investigate why personal get-out-the-vote mobilization efforts successfully move low-income voters from communities of color to go to the polls. Michelson's broader research agenda includes work on immigrant political incorporation and voter mobilization of youth and ethnic/racial minorities.

Celine Parreņas Shimizu, Associate Professor of Asian American Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara. "Straitjacket Sex Scenes: Mapping Race Men in the Movies."

Celine Parreņas Shimizu works as a filmmaker and film scholar. Her areas of expertise are in Film and Performance Theory and Production, Social Theories of Power and Inequality, Race and Sexuality Studies, Transnational Feminisms and Asian American Cultural Studies. Her first book "The Hypersexuality of Race: Performing Asian/American Women on Screen and Scene" (Duke University Press, 2007) won the Cultural Studies Book Award from the Association for Asian American Studies. An internationally screened experimental and ethnographic filmmaker, she recently completed "Birthright: Mothering Across Difference," her first feature documentary (Progressive Films, 2009).

Garcia Tendayi Viki, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, University of Kent, Canterbury. "The Effects of Exposure to Positive Stereotypes on People's Performance, Self-efficacy and Well-being."

Garcia Tendayi Viki is Chair of the Research Ethics Committee in the Psychology Department at the University of Kent, Canterbury. His research interests are in the social psychology of intergroup behavior. He is currently working on three main projects; 1) The effects and consequences dehumanizing outgroups; 2) The effects of complementary stereotypes on the performance and motivation of targeted groups; 3) Social identity process involved in corporate governance and corporate social responsibility.

Graduate Dissertation Fellows

Lori Flores, Doctoral Candidate in History, Stanford University. "Other Californias: Tracing Mexican American Lives, Civil Rights Activism, and the Coming of the Chicano Movement to the Salinas Valley, 1945-1970."

Ramah McKay, Doctoral Candidate in Anthropology, Stanford University. "Affective Interventions: Making Medical Welfare in Mozambique."

Emily Ryo, Doctoral Candidate in Sociology, Stanford University. "Becoming Illegal."

Graduate Teaching Fellows

Brenda Frink, Doctoral Candidate in History, Stanford University. "Pioneers and Patriots: Race, Gender, and the Construction of Citizenship in California, 1875-1915."

Ju Yon Kim, Doctoral Candidate in Modern Thought and Literature, Stanford University. "Disappearing Acts and Uncanny Materializations: Performances of the Racial Mundane."

Rand Quinn, Doctoral Candidate in Education, Stanford University."Political Contention over Institutional Arrangements in Education."

CSRE Graduate Fellows 2009-2012

Alyssa Fu, Psychology

Luis Poza, Education

Maribel Santiago, Education

CSRE Graduate Fellows 2009-2011

Tristan Ivory, Sociology

Katherine Rodela, Anthropology and Education

Ellen Tani, Art and Art History

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