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The Research Institute of Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (RICSRE) has served as the research arm of the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CCSRE) at Stanford University since 1996. The Institute is administered by Professor Hazel Rose Markus (Psychology), Professor Jennifer L. Eberhardt (Psychology), and Executive Director Elizabeth Wahl, Ph.D.

The Research Institute strives to create an integrated community of scholars with a diversity of perspectives addressing the problem of how to foster a stable, inclusive, democratic society that successfully incorporates diverse people, institutions, cultures, and practices. The interdisciplinary group of graduate students and faculty affiliated with the Research Institute study social issues across time, among different ethnic and racial groups, and from U.S. and global perspectives.

The Research Institute seeks to expand the intellectual boundaries of traditional academic disciplines by approaching the study of race, ethnicity and culture through new questions and research methods. By sponsoring regular seminars for students and faculty, providing financial support for graduate and faculty fellows, supporting mentoring relationships, and holding events open to scholars at Stanford and other institutions, the Research Institute seeks to encourage a deeper understanding of how race and ethnicity intersect with multiple social science and humanities fields of study, as well as our everyday lives.

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