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Stanford Integrated Schools Project

Researchers from Stanford University have entered into collaboration with a large urban school district to analyze factors that help reduce the educational gap between white and African-American and Hispanic students in integrated school settings. The goal—to help reduce the achievement gap between white and African-American and Hispanic students and to learn more about and ultimately help to expand the range of teaching practices that promote student learning for all students—is reflected in the district’s two strategic priorities: achievement and equity.

Sixteen elementary schools were identified that met the study's criteria of integration—within a range of around 15% (or more) for each of three groups of students: African-American, Hispanic, and white. All of the first, third, and fifth grade classrooms in each participating school were included in the study.

The first year of this project (2001-2002) was devoted to data collection. This included repeated classroom observations (3 observations per classroom), administration of student and teacher questionnaires, academic and behavior ratings by teachers of individual students, and interviews with the school principals. The second year of the project (2002-2003) was focused on data analysis and initial efforts to develop materials based on the findings that might assist teachers and schools. When the analyses are completed, each participating school will be provided with specific findings concerning that school as well as general project results. The final step in the project will be to develop materials and professional development processes for teachers and schools based on research findings.

This project is generously funded by the Russell Sage Foundation. The research team is composed of: Hazel Rose Markus, Claude M. Steele, Dorothy M. Steele, Frances Green and Paul Davies.

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