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Public Policy Leadership Institute

With the generous support of the Research Institute of Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity, CSRE sponsored its annual Public Policy Leadership Institute in September. The two-week long residence-based seminar, taught by political science professor Luis Fraga, provides students with exposure to major public policy issues directly affecting ethnic and racial groups in the United States. Participants have an opportunity for intensive and focused study of policies at the state and national levels and have contact with several Bay Area and California state leaders. The Institute seeks to provide perspectives on what it takes to be a leader in a diverse society and to foster an intellectual and social community among the participants.

PPI offers knowledge applicable to real-world politics. Everything in the three weeks--from lectures to the Sacramento visit to the final assignment of drafting a policy brief--contributes to a practical understanding of how policy can unite multiple interests, among them those of underrepresented minorities.

Will Gutierrez
(Participating student)

Participants in 2005:

Chioke Borgelt-Mose, African and African American Studies
Estella Cisneros, Comparative Studies & Political Science
Guillermo “Will” Gutierrez, Comparative Studies
Linda Lee, Asian American Studies
Nicholas Meeker, Comparative Studies & Political Science
Ariana Milman, Comparative Studies
Sonia Montejano, Comparative Studies
Krystle Nowhitney, Comparative Studies & International Relations
Luz Erendira Reyes, Chicana/o Studies & Political Science
Carolina Vilchis, Chicana/o Studies

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