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Plan of Study

The Interdisciplinary Program in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity (CSRE) provides students the opportunity to structure a major or minor in comparative studies or to focus their course work in a single ethnic studies area. Four majors and minors (Asian American Studies, Chicana/o Studies, Comparative Studies, and Native American Studies) are offered as part of CSRE. All courses taken for the major must be taken for a letter grade. In addition, majors in the programs in African and African American Studies or in Jewish Studies enroll in the core curriculum offered by CSRE. The directors of the programs and chairs of each major constitute the CSRE Curriculum Committee, the policy making body for the interdisciplinary program.

Students who declare any of the five majors participate in a common curriculum of the CSRE consisting of at least two introductory core courses and a senior seminar. Individually designed majors in Jewish Studies may also enroll in the CSRE core curriculum.

Students who wish to minor in the study areas must complete six courses (a minimum of 30 units) from the approved CSRE course list, two of which must be introductory core courses. Proposals for the minor must be approved by the chair of each study area.

Directed Reading and Research
Directed reading and research allows the students to focus on a special topic of interest. In organizing a reading research plan, the student consults with the chair of the major and one or more faculty members specializing in the area of discipline.

Senior Seminar
Research and the writing of the senior honors thesis or senior paper are under the supervision of a faculty project advisor. The seminar is offered in Autumn Quarter, and discussions take students through the process of research (conceptualization, development of prospectus, development of theses, research analysis, and writing). This course meets the Writing in the Major requirement (WIM). Those who opt to write senior papers are organized into tutorial groups in Autumn Quarter.

For more information please contact Margarita Ibarra, Student and Academic Services Coordinator, at (650) 723-8449 or

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