Stanford TAPS Ph.D. Program

The TAPS Minor is offered with two distinct concentrations: the Dance concentration examines the field of dance, while the Theater & Performance Studies concentration provides students with historical, critical, and practical knowledge about theater and performance. A total of 30 units is required to obtain a Minor.

Students must declare a Major before declaring the Minor. Upon declaring the Minor, a proposed course of study must be submitted by each student in consultation with Jennifer DeVere Brody (, Chair of Theater & Performance Studies; Janice Ross (, Dance Division Director; or Justin Higinbotham (, TAPS Student Services Officer.


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The Dance Division does not admit students directly to its program; all undergraduate applications are handled centrally by Stanford University. Students interested in applying for undergraduate admission should visit the Undergraduate Admissions webpage at for more information.

However, the undergraduate application does include an optional Arts Supplement submission. Students with extraordinary talent in Dance may submit supplementary materials for review. Such applicants are expected to have previously received significant recognition for their talent, usually at the regional, state, national or international level. Submitting a Dance Arts Supplement neither guarantees nor commits a student to participation in the arts at Stanford if admitted, nor does non-submission preclude such participation.

In order to have your Dance supplement considered, you must submit the First-Year or Transfer Common Application, the Stanford Writing Supplement and your application fee or fee waiver request by the Arts Supplement deadline. Your submission will not be reviewed if we do not have these required components by the arts submission deadline (October 15 for Restrictive Early Action; December 1 for Regular Decision; March 15 for Transfer Applications). All Dance Fine Arts Supplements must be uploaded through Slideroom – there are no live auditions for the Dance Fine Arts Supplement.



1. Core—4 units

TAPS 1. Introduction to Theater & Performance Studies (required)

2. Production—1 unit

TAPS 39. Theater Crew (required)

Students choose to focus either in the Theater & Performance Studies concentration, or the Dance concentration, for the remaining 25 units:

3. Dance Studies—4 units

Any course between DANCE 160-161, 167, 177, 197

4. Technique—12 units

Studio Classes: Minimum of six studio dance classes

A concentration of at least three classes chosen from a specific dance form (e.g., Modern, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Social), and the attainment of intermediate or advanced level. At least two classes in a style other than the concentration

5. Choreography/Repertory/Performance—5 units

Any courses between DANCE 27, 45, 51, 56-57, 60, 63, 69, 100, 102-103, 120 or TAPS 101P

6. Electives (approved by Undergraduate advisor)—4 units

Any course with the subject code TAPS or DANCE