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Educational Assistance Programs

Educational Assistance Programs



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Our Programs

Stanford is committed to providing educational opportunities for eligible faculty, staff and their children by offering three Educational Assistance Programs.

Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP)

The Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP) provides for reimbursement of tuition costs, registration fees, and required textbooks for any training activity either related directly to your job or a career development effort undertaken with the knowledge and approval of your supervisor.

Staff Tuition Reimbursement Program (STRP)

The Staff Tuition Reimbursement Program (STRP) supports employee development by providing partial or full reimbursement of tuition costs for courses meeting requirements of undergraduate or graduate degree programs. Individuals must be enrolled in a degree program to qualify for assistance.

Tuition Grant Program (TGP)

The Tuition Grant Program (TGP) helps eligible faculty and staff pay for the cost of undergraduate college education for their eligible dependent children. The program pays all or a portion of college tuition at accredited institutions.

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