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Episode 7: Reading 1984 in 2017

[I]t’s rhetorically a lot easier to blame a president that you don’t like, than it is to deal with issues at a 125-year-old institution that also employs you… I think to skew everything towards the frame of Trump is really to miss a much more important big picture. The big picture is a series of class politics that’s been ongoing for the last 100 years…

Abigail Droge

In our seventh episode, we spoke with Justin Tackett (Ph.D. ’18), Abigail Droge (Ph.D. ’18) and Juan Lamata (Ph. D. candidate) about reading across institutional boundaries in order to cultivate community and bridge the divisions characteristic of our political moment.

Transcript: Episode 7, Reading 1984 in 2017

Justin, Abigail, and Juan recount how the 2016 presidential election inspired them to form Civic English at Stanford, a group devoted to combining literary study and civic engagement.  (more…)