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Episode 5: Elaine Treharne

When I read Old English, “The Battle of Maldon” or Beowulf or any of these texts, I read resilience and even in times of successive conflicts, which we have now, there’s an ability to be resolute and to seek to overcome that we would do well to emulate.
Elaine Treharne

Our newest episode is a conversation with Professor Elaine Treharne, an expert of medieval literature and Director of Stanford’s Center for Spatial and Textual Analysis.  

Transcript: Episode 5, Elaine Treharne

We got to talk with Elaine about her research and writing, her political and scholarly development, and above all about the beauty and fascination of early medieval literature.  Our key text is the famously enigmatic poem generally known as “Wulf and Eadwacer,” translated here by Elaine: