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just because it is nice, a response to catullus (sonnet 18)?

Lesbia, you ask how many kisses of yours
would be enough and more to satisfy me.
As many as the grains of Libyan sand
that lie between hot Jupiter’s oracle,
at Ammon, in resin-producing Cyrene,
and old Battiades sacred tomb:
or as many as the stars, when night is still,
gazing down on secret human desires:
as many of your kisses kissed
are enough, and more, for mad Catullus,
as can’t be counted by spies
nor an evil tongue bewitch us.

violence in Pantagruel

What role does violence play in Pantagruel? How is it different from violence displayed in medieval texts?

pantomime (re: chapter 19, 'dialogue' between Panurge and the Englishman

Is the shift from the spoken word to bodily gestures (that normally just accompany a scholarly dialogue) and to pantomime a reference to the discovery of new modes of expression in the Renaissance which place the body at the center? And if so, why?

(Is a reading of this scene possible that not just focuses on the parodistic quality of what is taking place?)

Pantagruel's appetite

Does Rabelais via Pantagruel's insatiable appetite that takes place on a corporeal level (the devouring of food) reflect upon the humanist quest or thirst for knowledge in the early 16th century in France? Is this a parody?
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