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Campus Sales

Welcome to the Stanford University Faculty Staff Housing Campus Housing Sales. The information on this site includes sales of campus homes starting 1/1/2007 and is updated as escrow files are closed at Faculty Staff Housing.

The information on this website is provided by the residential leaseholders or their agents. Stanford University does not in any way warrant the accuracy of the information contained in the listings. There has been no independent investigation of the accuracy of information provided by the residential leaseholders or their agents.

Notice Regarding Property Tax Assessments for Residential Leaseholds

The county assessor’s office establishes property tax assessments. Due to the nature of Stanford’s standard leasehold transactions, the county assessor typically bases the buyer’s new assessed value (i.e., the new Proposition 13 base year value) on off-campus comparable sales rather than the purchase prices of the standard leaseholds.

For restricted leaseholds, however, the county assessor’s markup to the purchase price typically has been uniform (most recently, 2x the restricted leasehold purchase price for single-family homes and 1.67x for condominiums; by way of an example, if the buyer pays $1,000,000 for a restricted leasehold interest in a single-family home, then the buyer would pay property taxes on an assessed value of $2,000,000).

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Click the appropriate tab to display the properties in that category. Click the column header to sort by that column. Click the address to display property details below the listing display. To see additional listings, use the scroll bar to the right of the listings and the arrow keys at the bottom.



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