Dr. Ball's leadership in bridging theory and practice is focused on cross national studies on preparing teachers for diversity and the implementation of the Model of Generative Change (Ball 2009).

Arnetha F. Ball, PhD

Center for Race, Ethnicity and Language

Dr. Ball is the Co-Founder and Co-Director of Stanford's Center for Race, Ethnicity and Language. The Center for Race, Ethnicity, and Language (CREAL) was founded in 2010 to advance research and teaching on the relationships between language, race and ethnicity from a global, comparative perspective. CREAL was established to encourage the work of interdisciplinary and international scholars to come together to theorize the nature of race and ethnicity within sociolinguistics and to examine the linguistic construction of ethnoracial identities, the role of language in racial and ethnic relations, and the linguistic marginalization of racialized populations. Dr. Ball's work focuses on bringing sociocultural and sociolinguistic perspectives together of her investigations on issues related to educational linguistics. According to the co-founders of the center: "CREAL seeks not only to advance research and disseminate information, but also to help resolve the often contentious educational and political problems at the intersection of race, ethnicity and language in the US and elsewhere."


Scope: Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education

The Program in African & African American Studies





 The Program in African and African American Studies (AAAS), established in 1969, was the first ethnic studies program developed at Stanford University, and the first African & African American Studies program at a private institution in the U.S. AAAS provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of peoples of African descent as a central component of all societies, offering courses that promote research across departmental boundaries.  Dr. Ball is a past AAAS Director at Stanford.  Visit the AAAS website for further updates on the AAAS Program's recent and upcoming activities.