Cardinal Commitment: Student Organization Registration

This form reflects the steps that student organizations need to satisfy in order to become register as a Cardinal Commitment organization and is designed to work in conjunction with an in-person consultation with the Cardinal Commitment Team.

To learn more please visit the Cardinal Commitment webpage and/or email Pete Cerneka

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Organization Information

Please provide us information about your student organization.

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Responsibilities as a Cardinal Commitment Organization

Cardinal Commitment Organizations agree to provide the following 4 things:

1) Opportunities for students to make a Cardinal Commitment

2) Promote the Cardinal Commitment opportunity

3) Practice the Principles of Ethical and Effective Service and ensure anyone making a Cardinal Commitment has been exposed to the Principles.

4) A mentor to help the student with their Cardinal Commitment

Who will be your Cardinal Commitment Mentor?

A student organization's Cardinal Commitment Mentor supports the efforts of those making a Cardinal Commitment and verifies that they have completed their Cardinal Commitment.

For student groups, the group's student officers usually play the role of mentor.

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