Welcome to Facilities and Capital Planning

The Facilities and Capital Planning team plans, builds and manages facilities and physical space within the School of Humanities and Sciences in support of teaching, research and creative expression for students, faculty and staff.

Our mission and vision focuses on providing leadership and expertise to create and support a culture of safety and maximize space utilization through thoughtful planning, programming and project management.

The mission and vision are accomplished as follows:

  • Understanding the needs of our departments and programs
  • Timely and clear communication to our clients
  • Providing expertise in consistent project facility planning and management
  • Utilizing standard tools and processes to proactively move project delivery forward
  • Practicing fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • Implementing and disseminating health and safety policies and guidelines to drive a culture of safety
  • Functioning as a high performing, aligned and collaborative team

The School of Humanities and Sciences teaching and research utilizes over one million square feet of space distributed over 60 buildings. 

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