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Student Murals

Photo: L.A. Cicero, Stanford News Service

Durand residents Jessica Hou, '04,
Maria Downing, '04, and Brie Boutin, '03

Take a tour of Stanford's dorm murals, and you'll see everything from guerrilla warfare to gummi-bear collage. Murals serve co-ops' self-management ethos and ethnic theme dorms' desire to illustrate cultural heritage, explains associate director of residential education John Judicki. More

Faculty Life

When President Bush awarded chemist John Brauman the National Medal of Science, the country's highest scientific honor, the scientist did not become the talk of his neighborhood. Maybe that's because down Tolman Drive, a small, fishhook-shaped residential street on the Stanford campus, lives mathematician George Dantzig, another National Medal of Science recipient who invented programming methods that shaped the current use of computers. More

Students Pioneering Music and Technology

Michael Gurevich, a graduate student at the Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics, and Stephan von Muehlen, who earned an MFA in product design, invented the Accordiatron in a Stanford course. Although people have been making music with computers for decades, Gurevich says, live audiences don't find the standard monitor-keyboard-mouse setup very satisfying. The Accordiatron could change that. More

Bernhardt reaches out to Lower Row, one house at a time

 Photo: L.A. Cicero, Stanford News Service

Sophomore Alda Balthrop-Lewis, left, is one of many students who have been mentored by Elizabeth Bernhardt, recently appointed dean of the Lower Row. Bernhardt is also director of the Language Center.

Elizabeth Bernhardt, a German Studies professor and director of the Stanford Language Center, moved into the renovated Humanities Center Annex on Alvarado Row after she was tapped for the new position of Dean of the Lower Row. As part of her duties, Bernhardt reviewed all the transcripts of the 250-plus sophomores who live in Lower Row housing and sent them personalized e-mails to ask if they needed help with declaring a major. More

Native Americans at Stanford Build Community

The Stanford American Indian Organization is the umbrella organization of American Indians, Alaska Natives, and Native Hawaiians at Stanford. They have met with great success in building community at Stanford. More

Students Go Behind the Scenes at Cantor Arts

The Cantor Arts Museum increasingly is creating ties between the museum and Stanford's academic curriculum. The Picasso to Thiebaud exhibit recently gave students a perfect opportunity for just such a connection. More

Undergraduate Research

Seven students, many working with H&S faculty, were award the Deans' Award for Academic Accomplishment in 2003. More