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The world today faces both enormous problems and extraordinary opportunities. Globalization, with all of its advantages, is exacting a heavy price as the problems of one society quickly become the problems of every society.

Yet if there are organizations anywhere poised to solve the immense challenges before us, surely it is our great universities, whose search for knowledge and commitment to producing each successive generation of leaders defines their very existence. Nowhere, we believe, is there a university so singularly qualified to seize this opportunity to make a lasting difference in the world than Stanford.

We pledge to devote the very best of ourselves — the distinction of our faculty, the promise of our students, and the pioneering spirit that has long inspired us — to this endeavor. The engine that will drive our efforts is The Stanford Challenge, a seven-year, $4.3 billion campaign organized around three themes:  Seeking Solutions, Educating Leaders, and Sustaining a Foundation of Excellence.

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