2011 Grant Recipients

Posted on August 29th, 2011 in Student Grant

This year, the Abbasi Program in Islamic Studies at Stanford University awarded student grants to eleven students from seven different departments:

MICHELLE MOORE APOTSOS (Ph.D. Student, Art & Art History)
Fieldwork in Northern Ghana on Afro-Islamic aesthetics and architectural production

JESSICA CHEN (Ph.D. Student, Religious Studies)
Advanced language training in Arabic

AISHA GHANI (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
Fieldwork in New York on lived-experiences of post-9/11 law and policy .

MARON GREENLEAF (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
Language training in Bahasa Indonesian

BRIAN JOHNSRUD (Ph.D. Student, Modern Thought and Literature)
Fieldwork in Lebanon on the connections between genetic research and identity politics

ANNETTE MULLANEY (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
Fieldwork in Algeria on gendered effects of macroeconomic restructuring

EDA PEPI (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
Advanced language training in Arabic

LAUREN PRATHER (Ph.D. Student, Political Science)
Advanced language training in Arabic

YAN SLOBODKIN (Ph.D. Student, History)
Advanced language training in Arabic

ELIZABETH SPRAGINS (Ph.D. Student, Iberian and Latin American Cultures)
Advanced language training in Arabic

ANNA WEST (Ph.D. Student, Anthropology)
Fieldwork in Malawi on national health outreach program and political subjectivities

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