Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran

Posted on April 22nd, 2012 in Recent Faculty Publications

Robert Crews (Department of History) published two book chapters: “The Taliban and Nationalist Militancy in Afghanistan” (in Jeevan Deol and Zaheer Kazmi (eds.) Contextualizing Jihadi Thought, Columbia University Press, 2012),  and “Muslim Networks, Imperial Power, and the Local Politics of Qajar Iran” (in Tomohiko Uyama (ed.)  Asiatic Russia: Imperial Power in Regional and International Contexts, Routledge, 2011). His latest book, Under the Drones: Modern Lives in Afghanistan-Pakistan Borderlands, is co-edited with Professor Shahzad Bashir (Department of Religious Studies). Authors analyze the political, social, and economic forces that shape the complexity of life along the 1,600-mile border between Afghanistan and Pakistan. Moving past shifting conceptions of security, the book offers an essential antidote to contemporary media coverage and military concerns. Most chapters in the volume were initially presented at the Abbasi Program’s 2009 Workshop on Alienated Nations, Fractured States: Afghanistan and Pakistan.


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