Graduate Students


Jess Auerbach: Middle-class formation, Lusophone migration, Angola

Firat Bozcali: political and legal anthropology, Kurdish politics in Turkey and Iraq

Yasemin Ipek Can: Lebanon, youth, politics of future, affect, class and inequality

Samil Can: Economic anthropology, South Asia, Muslims in India, Debt and Obligation, Religion and Market Exchange

Dean Chahim: Afghanistan, political economy, development, science and technology studies, political ecology

Corisande Fenwick: Maghreb, Islamic archaeology, Byzantine archaeology, imperialism, historiography

Byron Gray: South Asian Islam, Shari’ah as state and non-state law, Islamic feminism, transnationalism

Alexandra Kelly: Indian Ocean, ivory trade, Zanzibar, empire, capitalism

Vivian Lu: Nigerian merchants, Dubai, China, transnational cultural networks

Eda Pepi: gender, kinship, citizenship, sovereignty, Palestinian Problem, Jordan

Jenna Dawn Rice: philanthropy, the gift, genealogy, ethics, Lebanon, Bilad al-Sham

Kerem Ussakli: sociocultural anthropology, law & sovereignty, literary studies, ethics, Kurds


Kristen Alff: social, economic, and legal history of the Modern Middle East

Madihah Akhter: Modern South Asia, gender, decolonization, Indo-Muslim cultures

Catherine Baylin: human rights in the Middle East

Mélisande Genat: Iraqi history, Kurdish studies, development economics, rural sociology, collectivization in Iraq, rural land reform

Meade Klingensmith: Modern British History, the British Empire in the Middle East, colonialism, nationalism

Demetrius Loufas: Venetians abroad, foreigners in Venice, religion in the Eastern Mediterranean

Mejgan Massoumi: Afghanistan, urban history, borderlands, postcolonialism, and nationalism

Ugur Zekeriya Pece: modern social and cultural history of the eastern Mediterranean, inter-communal relations, violence, imaginings of the imperial past

Vladimir Troyansky: Social, economic, and cultural history of the Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea regions, migration and resettlement, inter-communal relations

Rebecca Wall: Colonial and post-colonial history, West Africa, Senegal, and urban history

Duygu Yildirim: Early Modern Ottoman History, History of Science in Islam, Intellectual History


Barbara Wilcox: Sudan, U.S. History, Egypt, Egyptomania


Caroline Abadeer: Development, Regime Transition, Islamist Movements in North Africa and the Middle East

Alex Blackman: political Islam, Regime Transition, State-Military relations, Political Mobilization, Egypt

Kara Downey: Central Asia, former Soviet Union, information credibility, political psychology, soft power

Mashail Malik: contentious politics, political violence, international security, democratization, civil-military relations, South Asia

Salma Mousa: Secularism, religious minorities, democratization, sectarianism, Egypt

Kerry Persen: Islam, political mobilization, democracy, regime change, Indonesia

Melina Platas: religious and secular education in colonial and post-colonial Sub-Saharan Africa

Christiana Parreira: Ethnic/religious identity formation, political mobilization, international development, Eastern Mediterranean

Lauren Prather: foreign aid, poverty, inequality, development, public opinion

Scott Williamson: Regime Transition, lustration, political Islam, Egypt, civil-military relations



Catherine Bridges-Lyman: Islam in South Asia, Sufism, Bhakti, Pluralism

Lakshmi Chandrashekar: Sufism, Devotional music, Oral & Performative traditions

Jessica Chen: Chinese Islam, Sufi intellectual history, sira literature

Jen Corley: Iranian religious history and identity; Sufism; cross-cultural exchange within the Muslim world

Hannah Highfill: Sufi practice and intellectual history in Turkic and Persianate societies

Ariela Marcus-Sells: Sufism, intellectual history of Muslim societies in West-Africa

William Sherman: Sufism in South and Central Asia

Madiha Shaukat (Religious Studies): Islamic mysticism, Poetry and Poetics, Medieval Persianate World



Diana Dakhlallah: Political & moral economy, historical sociology, social theory, corruption, Middle East, North Africa