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Service Page Location

Installer Location


The list of locations where MediaWiki can be installed is composed of all the /dept and /group spaces that meet the following requirements (/class and personal directories are not yet supported):

  1. The group or department must have a valid CGI account.
  2. The group or department must have a valid -admin PTS group. For example, /dept/its has the group dept_its-admins.
  3. The person using the form to request an installation has to belong to the -admin group. It’s not enough to have admin rights to the dept or group space. If you don’t see your group or department listed, submit a HelpSU request.

Database Limit

  • Once you have chosen a department or group space in which to install the application, the installer will check that the department or group is under its limit of 20 databases. You can install multiple MediaWiki wikis (in separately named directories), but keep in mind that each one uses its own unique database that counts toward the 20-database limit.
  • You do not have to create a database beforehand. It will be done for you.


All applications will have their databases backed up (with a four day rotation) in the <dept-or-group-name>/db_private/ directory. Because the backups are stored in AFS, they do count against the 1GB quota.


  • Installation must be within cgi-bin directory.
  • A separate directory is required for storing uploaded files under WWW.
  • The wiki is created with the Stanford Modern skin pre-loaded.
  • The installer will only move a few files into the directory for MediaWiki because wikis will run off of a common code base.



  • Webauth (if selected during install)
  • WYSIWYG editor (FCKEditor)

Available but must be enabled via localsettings.php file

  • BreadCrumbs
  • Calendar [BETA - there are some issues, please don't use until we sort through them]
  • Cite
  • InputBox
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • LaTeX - Enabled by having the following in your localsettings.php file.
    • $wgUseTeX = true; (this line is "false" by default)
    • $wgTexvc = "/usr/bin/texvc"; (this line needs to be added)

Custom extensions

(This is extrapolated from an email by Marco Wise about adding a particular extension, and from this thread)

If you would like to add custom extensions, start with the following steps:

  1. Create a new directory called myextensions (or whatever you'd like, as long as it's not "extensions"). This is where you'll put a new custom extension.
  2. Update LocalSettings.php with a line like this:

where "filename.php" needs to be figured out depending what kind of extension you are adding - this is the file that will call the extension, using the local path.

Access restrictions

People have various scenarios they might want and need to configure.

Read and Write only for Sunetid holders

The default. The .htaccess file in your mediawiki directory contains

AuthType WebAuth
require valid-user

Note this includes all sunetids: students, faculty, staff, sponsored both basic and full.

Read for anyone but Write only for Sunetid holders

Here are the steps: (this is taken from an email by Marco Wise

  1. Create a new directory called myextensions (or whatever you'd like, as long as it's not "extensions"). This is where you'll put a new custom extension.
  2. Place the attached WebAuth.php file in there.
  3. Upload the attached login.php file (note it's updated from the last version)
  4. Update LocalSettings.php by commenting out these two lines

#$wgAuth = new Auth_remoteuser(); 

and adding this one:

  1. If you want your wiki to be truly public, change the .htaccess file from:
AuthType WebAuth require valid-user 


<Files login.php> AuthType WebAuth require valid-user </Files> 

This will only protect login.php through webauth, opening the wiki to the public, but only allowing them to view, not edit. You'll probably want to change the "require valid-user" to match the users / privgroups you are using for your wiki.

Files: login.php, webauth.php  (note: the files downloaded may need to be renamed using the Caps convention WebAuth,php and also remove the .txt extension)

Only a subset of Sunetid holders can read and write

For an internal wiki of a research or admin group, it might be desirable to have only that group with access. The easiest method is to use the workgroup manager to set up a workgroup and modify your mediawiki .htaccess file.

  1. Set up the workgroup
  2. Modify the .htaccess file
AuthType WebAuth
require privgroup mydept:mygroup

Also check your AFS permissions to make sure no one outside your group can access the files via AFS.

Only a subset of Sunetid holders can write and a superset of that can read

to be filled in

School of Medicine

 The School of Medicine has a wiki service unrelated to MediaWiki; contact Web Help if you need to create a secure and/or HIPAA-compliant wiki for your School of Medicine group


  • New, non-webauth accounts require approval by admin
  • ?title= URL format is not used
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