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Stanford Calendar Basics


Stanford Calendar is the University's new web-based calendar. It allows you to access your Stanford calendar from any computer with a web browser and an Internet connection. There is no software to download or configure.

Note: Whether you access Stanford Calendar from a public or private computer, your calendar account may still be accessible by others if you do not log out completely when you are done. And, because webmail is integrated into the calendar interface, your email could also be accessible. The safest way to ensure you are logged out is to quit the browser when you are finished. You can also click the "Log Out" link, then click the "Log out of WebLogin single sign-on" link on the resulting page.

Log In to the Calendar

  1. Type in the Address Bar of your web browser.


  2. Enter your SUNetID and Password on the WebLogin page and click the Login button.


  3. Click the link to continue to Stanford Calendar.


  4. Your Stanford Calendar appears.

    Stanford Calendar

  5. The default view is Work Week. You can switch the view to Day, Week, Month, or Today by clicking on the icons pictured below.

    Default View

Create a New Meeting

  1. To create a new meeting, click the New button. The Appointment Details screen appears.

    New Meeting

    Fill in the fields in the Details, Time, and Attendees sections, and add any meeting notes in the box below. Adjust the date or time if necessary. Mark as Private if you don't want others with access to your calendar to be able to view the details of your meeting. Click Save to invite attendees and save the meeting to your Stanford Calendar.

Respond to a Meeting

  1. To respond to a meeting invitation, right-click (Ctrl + click on the Mac) the appointment in the Calendar list. Choose Accept or Decline. Once you accept, the meeting invitation will appear on your calendar. If you decline, the meeting invitation will appear with a 10% transparency unless you delete if from your calendar.

    Respond to a Meeting

  2. Alternatively, you can respond to the meeting invitation from the webmail interface using the buttons above the subject line.

    Respond to a Meeting using Email

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