Client Survey Data Gathering

The data for the 2009 run of data gathering for the ITS client satisfaction survey is encrypted. For the Windows systems, data is provided by self-decrypting archive. For the Mac, the data has been encrypted with an AES key and can be decrypted using the provided DropSecure application. (A free decrypting license key will need to requested from the vendor.) The data is also provided in a PGP pass-phrase encrypted format. Nan McKenna has been provided with the pass-phrase needed for decryption for any of these files. Currently Jim Knox, Nan McKenna, and Tim Torgenrud have access to the data directory via WebAuth. The data includes:
550 faculty records (excluding SLAC, Hospital, or Visiting faculty)
      out of an identified valid pool of 2791 
275 staff (excluding IT Services, SLAC or the Hospital)
      out of an identified valid pool of 11013
200 graduate students (identified roughly as living on campus)
      out of an identified valid pool of 3196
200 undergraduate students (identified roughly as living on campus)
      out of an identified valid pool of 6636

Emeriti were excepted from the staff and faculty listings as well.
NOTE: Staff may well include bargaining unit members as the data access
the programmer had did not include any way to exclude those staff members

The script is included in the data directory as well. The script requires Perl and the Stanford::Directory module. The script needs to be run with credentials that have permissions to various LDAP attributes in the campus directory. The script also uses the included ORGs file to exclude staff and faculty who are listed as having those organization codes as their primary organization ID.

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