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Configuration Management Project

Summary and Scope

Configuration management is the foundation from which IT Services' service delivery and service support can be streamlined and understood. Configuration Management allows the organization to identify, record and report on the IT components that comprise services.

Implementing configuration management allows the IT organization to provide higher-level functions and processes such as incident, problem, change, release, and capacity management. It also provides the IT organization with concise data for financial management, information security analyses, and service level management.

IT Services is developing requirements for a proof of concept project to implement Configuration Management.

The project goal is to lay the groundwork for a best-in-class service that will be the foundation for all service delivery and service support functions.


The project timeline is:

  • Project kickoff: November 2006
  • Execution begins: February 2007
  • Requirements analysis begins: March 2007
  • Requirements analysis complete: June 2007
  • Recommendations complete: August 2007


The Configuration Management — Discovery Phase Charter and other materials are available via Docushare.

Project Contributors

Contributors to the project consist of IT Services management and staff. To ensure we are communicating clearly, consistently, and have an appropriate audience for feedback and buy-in, we have representatives from the following areas:

  • Finance
  • Windows
  • UNIX
  • Networking
  • Data Center
  • Storage
  • Information Security
  • CRC
  • Helpdesk
  • AS
  • Client Management
  • Telecommunications

For more information contact Configuration Management Team.

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