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Faculty Quick Guide

This Quick Guide focuses on faculty resources for teaching, learning, and research. It can help you locate the University's computing and communication resources. IT Services staff can come to your location and show you how to navigate the University's resources or tailor an informal presentation for your academic needs. Contact Jane Marcus, IT Services Client Relations, at 723-1659 or email

Computing and Communication — A Good Place to Start

The Computing and Communication web site provides links to technology tools and services available across the Stanford community.

IT Help — This page is Stanford's gateway to self-help information about computing, telephone, and other services.

HelpSU is Stanford's help request system. For any technology related question you can Submit a HelpSU form or call 5-HELP (4357).

Basic Technology Support in Departments

Resources for getting assistance with your computing and communication needs often exist right in your department.

  • Local Network Administrator (LNA): Your LNA acts as the contact person for network configuration and troubleshooting.

  • Department Contact (formerly known as STAR): Your Department Contact (STAR) acts as the liaison between your department and IT Services for voice-related services (e.g., phone, voice mail, PCS) and video services (e.g., cable TV).

  • Expert Partner: Your Expert Partner is a staff member in your department who has agreed to assist other staff with their computing needs.

  • IT Services Contract Support: Some departments contract with IT Services for desktop computing assistance.

  • Academic Technology Specialist: Some departments have staff who provide discipline-specific technology assistance in support of teaching and research.

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Basic Technology Support at Stanford

Here are some links to general computing services at Stanford.

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Technology Support for Instruction

Stanford has many resources for technology support for instruction. At, you will find a comprehensive collection of resources for course support. Some other resources are:

Some key University-based upport resources are:

Video Support

School-based Support

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Technology Support for Research

Following are some resources that provide online information and technology support for research.

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Technology Support Outside the Classroom, Lab, or Office

Here are some resources for using technology outside your classroom, lab, or office.

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Online Updates

IT Services emails a quarterly update to subscribing faculty summarizing new and changed technologies on campus. If you are interested in receiving these updates, send an email message to and place the following text in your message: subscribe computing-on-campus.

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