Name   hostreg-netname-template

Node Types   Template
State   Good
Department   ITSS
Location   Polya Hall, 255 Panama St (14-160)    Room: 0
Make and Model   pc any
OS   Windows XP
Administrators   Yue Lu
Jeanmarie Magoffin Lucker
Custom Field Names    
duration   time-to-expire=-9999
node   name=yes
policy   user-admin=yes, proxy-reg=no,static-ip=default,roam= default
security   bigfix=yes,antivirus=yes,ask-prop=yes,ask-data=yes

Address Space(Template) 

Expiration Date  
NetDB Groups   TSS-Ops, Unix
Comment   Hostreg template to be used to create other hostreg templates
Record ID   145067149
Created By   Jeanmarie Magoffin Lucker (jlucker)  Feb-14-2006 02:49 PM
Last Modified By   Jeanmarie Magoffin Lucker (jlucker)  Feb-21-2006 02:48 PM

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