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Integrated Email & Calendar Project

In July 2009, Stanford will complete its conversion to the new Stanford Email and Calendar. All campus email has been migrated. Sundial users will have their calendar data migrated over the Independence Day holiday weekend.

This web site provides information about the implementation project’s planned activities, including links to communication, documentation, and training materials that help you transition to and use the new tools.

Project Overview

The Integrated Email and Calendar implementation project replaced Stanford’s enterprise-wide email service and will replace Stanford’s enterprise-wide calendar service (Sundial/Oracle Calendar) with a tool that integrates email and calendar services.

Project History

Prior to starting this project, IT Services underwent an evaluation process to determine the tool that best meets the email and calendaring needs of the Stanford community. The evaluation resulted in the selection of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite, the option that offers the greatest flexibility and works equally well on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems. Additionally, the tool is an open-source, standards-based solution that offers alternatives for greater interoperability with other Stanford online tools. To learn more about this evaluation process, see the Discovery Phase project page.


Depending on how you use Stanford’s enterprise-wide email and calendar services today, this project may affect you in the following ways:

  • Sundial (Oracle Calendar) Users: Your Sundial calendar data will be migrated to the new calendar tool over Independence Day weekend.
  • Webmail Users: The current Stanford Webmail tool replaced the old webmail.
  • Email Application Users: If you choose, you can continue to use your current email application as you do today. However, if you want to take advantage of the integration these new services offer, you may have to switch to the web interface or, if you are not already using one, a desktop application that takes advantage of the available integration (e.g., Microsoft Outlook or Apple OS X Mail, Address Book, and iCal).


The new integrated tool will significantly benefit Stanford email and calendar users. It allows you to access to your email, calendar, and contact lists from a single, consistently-designed web interface that allows you to easily share information between these services. If you choose, you will also be able to set up commonly-used desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Apple OS X Mail, Address Book and Calendar to work with the new services. Additionally, the new services will offer much improved support for most handheld devices, making it easier for you to use these devices for your Stanford work.

For additional benefits, see the About the Zimbra Solution page.


All email accounts have been migrated to Stanford Email and Calendar. The Sundial to Stanford Calendar migration is scheduled for Independence Day weekend. All active Sundial users will receive information regarding the migration via the Sundial Users mailing list.

Approach — Working Together

IT Services understands that successfully transitioning the Stanford community to this new service requires a close partnership with staff across the University and we are committed to that partnership. The project team works closely with schools, departments, business units, etc., to involve representatives who can help advise our planning, make key transition-related decisions for their areas, and help prepare their colleagues for this change. This partnership also helps coordinate transition schedules to minimize the impact of this change on you and your work.

For Additional Information

For more information, please contact the project team by submitting a HelpSU request. We'll be happy to answer your questions.

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