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About the Zimbra Solution

Without a doubt, the primary benefit of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite to your daily Stanford work is that it will give you the option to use your email, calendar, and contact lists services together through service and feature integration that is not available with Stanford’s current services.  Some integration and features of particular interest to the Stanford community allow you to:

  • accept meetings from your email or send email from your calendar;
  • quickly create or update contact list information from your email, calendar, or contact list services and can easily use that contact information with any of these services;
  • access Stanford’s campus-wide directory from any of these services to see a global address list of all users;
  • have more than one calendar, allowing you to customize those calendars by topic or meeting type, or by visibility (privacy) settings; subscribe to external calendars with public meetings/events; and overlay calendars so that you can see all your meetings/events in a single view;
  • create and manage shared mailboxes, calendars, address books and task lists;
  • Designate others (“delegates”) to access and administer your email and calendar;
  • easily search, sort and filter email messages or calendar meetings; and
  • use Stanford’s anti-virus and anti-spam services.

Additional features of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite that will be available to Stanford email and calendar users can be found on Zimbra’s Web page.

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