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Zimbra Mobile Device Compatibility


Stanford Email and Calendar (Zimbra) offers a variety of methods to access your email, calendar, and contacts from the most popular handheld devices on campus (PalmOS-based Treos, Windows Mobile devices, iPhone, and Blackberry). Options range from:

  • Web Access: Zimbra provides a web interface that is designed for easy viewing using a web browser on a mobile device. Users can access their email, calendar and address book using this interface.
  • Over-the-air Syncing: Two-way, over-the-air syncing allowing you to sync your mail, calendar and/or contacts from anywhere you have a network connection to the corresponding applications on your mobile device. (Note: You can only sync your primary calendar.) Unlike with the web access described above, your data will be accessible even when you don't have a network connection. This type of access has traditionally been available at Stanford for email only. Zimbra now offers the possibility of the same type of access for Calendar and Address Book data.
  • Syncing via a cable: For devices that can't do an over-the-air sync, it may be possible to sync data to your device using a USB cable and appropriately configured software on your computer. This sort of syncing is what was traditionally necessary to sync Sundial data to mobile devices.

Mobile Device Compatibility Chart

Recommendation: IT Services recommends the iPhone or a device running Windows Mobile 6. Blackberry may become a recommended offering pending deployment of an additional server.

Mobile Device Web Access Email: Inbox Email: All Folders Calendar Address Book
iPhone Yes Yes Yes Over-the-air Over-the-air
Windows Mobile 6 Yes Yes Yes Over-the-air Over-the-air
Windows Mobile 5 Yes Yes Yes No No
Palm Treo 650 Yes Yes Yes Over-the-air Over-the-air
Palm Treo 680 Yes No No Sync via cable Sync via cable
Blackberry No Yes No Sync via Cable (Windows) Sync via Cable (Windows)

iPhone (Recommended)

With the release of the iPhone 2.0 software in July, iPhone users can access their email, calendar and contacts using over-the-air syncing. Meeting invitations can be accepted or declined with a single action from either the Mail or Calendar applications. In addition, the Zimbra Mobile Web Interface works very well with the iPhone's high resolution display. See the iPhone Configuration Instructions web page.

Windows Mobile 6 (Recommended)

Devices running Windows Mobile 6 will be able to use an over-the-air sync for email, calendar and contacts. Users may also access the Zimbra Mobile Web Interface from their device's browser.

Windows Mobile 5

Devices running Windows Mobile 5 will be able to use the email application on the device to send and receive their Stanford email. It is not possible to sync the calendar and contacts applications on the device to the Zimbra server, so users would need to use the Zimbra Mobile Web interface via the device's web browser to view that information. Some devices have the option to upgrade to Windows Mobile 6; consult with your local technical support.

Palm Treo 650

The Treo 650 can do an over-the-air sync to access the email, calendar and contacts on the server. The Zimbra Mobile Web interface can also be used.

Palm Treo 680

The Treo 680 will be able to use the email application on the device to send and receive Stanford email. The calendar and address book applications can sync to data on the server by using a cable and an appropriately configured computer. For a "live" view of the calendar and address book users would need to use the Zimbra Mobile Web interface via the device's web browser


The options for Blackberry users are expected to change significantly in the coming months. For now, Blackberry users can access their email Inbox (but not the subfolders) using a network connection. Calendar and Address Book data can be synced via a USB cable to an appropriately configured computer. Certain features may be unavailable.

Note: In the coming months IT Services expects to offer a Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) that will allow over-the-air access to all email folders, calendar and contacts, giving Blackberry users the same similar functionality to what iPhone and Windows Mobile 6 users will have. There will be a monthly fee for access to this server.

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