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Inventory Database


With significant projects such as the Disaster Recovery project and the potential move of the Data Center, it is critical to have an accurate and comprehensive inventory of assets such as servers, databases, switches, racks and storage devices. Other activities such as Billing, Account Management and 24x7 Operations support also need accurate inventory information to support operational processes and enable good decision making.

The intent of this Inventory Database is not to replace transaction systems such as NetDB or Pinnacle that store some level of inventory-type information. Much rather, the Inventory Database could become an important source of information for those systems.

An early realization was that the requirements for a consolidated inventory are extensive and that the feasible approach is to make incremental progress towards building a complete repository. By starting with a small set of requirements, there will be some immediate benefit of the inventory. Following an initial success, other requirements can be addressed. This approach also makes it more feasible for staff to keep the information updated without overwhelming them with significant additional work.

The InventoryDB tracks numerous attributes about assets. You can find a list of those attributes and descriptions in the Field Dictionary.

If you have a SUNETid, you automatically have read access to the InventoryDB web site.

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