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Mailman Project

What It Is

  • A project, launched summer 2005, by ITS Unix Services team to update the @lists mailing list service backend to modern software.
  • As of August 2006, approximately 6000 lists have converted to or been initiated on the new MailMan system.

Why It's Important Now

Purpose: To establish maintainable software going forward and to bring the general campus mailing list service up to date.

  • The majordomo system was being customized locally with no clear external support and was becoming a resource burden to maintain.
  • Mailman is open-source and used and supported in a wide variety of locales.

Status: The intention is to convert all mailing lists on the Majordomo system by the end of September 2006 and to retire the Majordomo system on October 31st, 2006.

Project Notes


Contact Information

  • General Questions about this project should be directed to:
  • Project Manager: Xueshan Feng (
  • Project Manager: Tim Torgenrud (
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