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Pathworks Project

Pathworks is a documentation repository tool and once populated, walks users though a step-by-step instruction to complete operational and administrative tasks.

After an analysis of Pathworks as a Procedure Management product for Operations use, it was determined that it had possible scope outside of Operations, especially with respect to the PCG. This project is aimed at setting up the PCG, Order Management Team, and portions of the Operator Services Center as Pathworks users and procedure authors. Other subject matter expert groups in IT Services will be asked to write procedures in Pathworks as part of the process of assigning work to these groups. Authoring training will be provided to these groups as well.

Pathworks was chosen and purchased, but before making it into a production service, we need to establish standards and guidelines for its use, as well as complete the documentation needed to establish Pathworks as a proper IT Services tool.

If you are interested in using Pathworks for your team, or are interested in providing procedures for any of our pilot teams, please contact Erik Cummings or Jonathan Pilat.

The Pathworks implementation project has the following deliverables:

  • Bring the Pathworks servers up to full production level, including a backed-up and supported MySQL database server.

  • Establish a set of authoring standards for procedures written by and for IT Services.

  • Identify people in IT Services who need Pathworks authoring and end-user training. Schedule classes for those people.

  • Do a series of demos of Pathworks for subject matter expert groups.

  • Identify and complete and initial documentation set that will allow the PCG, Order Management team, and portions of the Operator Service Center to begin using Pathworks in their daily activities.

The Pathworks project team is Erik Cummings, Karen Cox, Carolyn Kane, Debbie Garcia, and Jonathan Pilat. Additional resources will be added to complete the initial documentation sets for the three teams piloting the software. Bert Stubbs is the project sponsor.

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