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Redwood City/Midpoint Technology Park Expansion Project

February 23, 2006

February Project Update

Strange things are afoot with the Redwood City projects. The University chosen to take a step back and look at Redwood City in the context of a larger data center strategy. Stanford is considering on-campus, off-campus, and colocation options for its long term data center needs, and at this point it isn't entirely clear how (or possibly even if) a data center in Redwood City fits those needs.

Currently, we're interviewing consulting firms who can help us answer this question, and hope to award a contract some time in the next few weeks. This consultant will be looking at our data center needs, our disaster recovery plans, and the priorities of IT Services data center clients. Their charter is to pull these factors together and recommend where should be investing its time and money, and whether a data center at 510 Broadway should be part of those plans.

However, work is still moving foward on the building at 510 Broadway. We've entered the schematic design phase of the project, which will nail down a lot of the assumptions and refine the budget we created in the feasibility phase of the project. Schematic design will proceed until the end of March, at which point we'll wait for our consultants to make a recommendation before proceeding to the Board of Trustees to proceed with the construction project. This will push the overall schedule of the construction project back at least three months, to early Spring 2007.

Among the other things that are back up in the air is if or when any IT Services personnel will be moving to Redwood City. However, if and when they do, there will once again be showers, which are back in the plan.

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