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Background Information

Why is Self Registration Necessary?

For several Septembers prior to the implementation of “Host Self-Registration” phase I, Stanford experienced serious problems on the campus-wide network, with the Autumn Quarter arrival of many compromised, infected, and/or vulnerable (poorly patched and updated) systems with new students, faculty and staff on campus. These problems caused outages across the campus network resulting in lost business continuity and the dedication of vast work-hours to resolve the problems. In addition, registering new, well-maintained systems has been a time-consuming issue for those managing campus wide network access.

Phase I of the Host Self Registration project performed base-level host self-registration and activation in NetDB and provided a common set of required processes (patching and data security checks) to be run prior to allowing the self registration of a system on the network. Phase I required registering users to identify themselves via their Stanford University Network Identifier (SUNet ID).

Phase I appears to have improved information security on campus, reduced the number of systems that required manual intervention and rebuilding from scratch, progressed towards a healthier campus-wide network and, in general, received a positive response from the campus user base.

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