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Data Flow

V 1)Entry-User connects to SU network with an unkown Mac Address
V DHCP:server checks ipaddress and
* 1a) Redirect to Residential Computing (128.12.*residential)
V (1b) Present Welcome Page -- Got SuNetId?
V 2 Yes SUNetID
V 4 User sent to Weblogin for authentication
* 4a succsessfull to cont..
V 5 Business Logic for web for picking a hostreg template
* 5a Get Headers
Apache - mod_lap provides these headers
* 5b if (!ip_in_network(,$remote_ip) ) {
die "Your IP $remote_ip is not on shadow net"}
get all hostreg templates names associated with users PrimaryOganizationID
get all hostreg templates names who's $REMOTE_ADDR is in the Address Space
* 5c Present User with --- Pick "Department"--List is built from above data (pick-dept.jsp)
* 5d Base on departmental choice -- read hostreg template and build request.jsp web page
V 6 request.jsp
* Present registration form to user. . more than one form?
> 7 Process request
> 8 Unix Machines ... thanks for registering
* 9 )Mac/Windows click download for scrubber
V 3 NO sunetid
* 3a Wireless users sent to to Wireless Guest/Perfigo
* 3b Wired users -- out of luck no guest access
* 10 HCT (Health check tool) connects request policy-- sends ipaddress and MAC address
* 11) Look up the mac address in NetDB -- to get node template then package the security policy post back to HCT
* 12)HCT Post completion include
ip-address, all mac address
V 13)Activate Node
V a Wired
* i)single interface
static ip, dhcp, no roaming
* ii) multiple interface 1 static ip, dhcp, roaming,
all others dhcp, roaming
all others static ip, dhcp, roaming
V b Wireless
* i)single interface
no static ip, dhcp, roaming
* ii) multiple interface
wireless interface no static ip,
dhcp, roaming
all others static ip, dhcp, roaming
* 14) Post back to HCT upon compeletion

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