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Project Management Toolkit

Project Lite indicates steps for project managers once the project has been classified as Lite by the Portfolio Management Team (PMT)
Expand ContentPre-Initiation
  1. Create Business Plan (only if new service)
Expand ContentInitiation
  1. Create Mini-Charter Project Lite
  2. Projects prioritized and classified Project Lite
  3. SGG project candidates Identified
  4. Project Manager and Sponsor are assigned Project Lite
Expand ContentPlanning
  1. Choose Approach: SCRUM vs. Traditional "waterfall"
  2. Update Project Dashboard and Unanet Resource Plans
    Project Lite
  3. Project Kick Off Meeting
  4. Manage Project Documentation
  5. Communications Plan
  6. Create Full Project Charter
  7. Full Charter Completed and Reviewed
  8. Conduct Security Review Project Lite
  9. Create Hospital Project Agreement Project Lite
  10. Service Delivery Review Meeting
  11. SSP Early Review
Expand ContentExecution
  1. Fulfillment Process Defined Project Lite
  2. Test Plans Defined
  3. Final SSP Meeting Project Lite
  4. Final Service Delivery Review Meeting
  5. Production Transition Approval
  6. Change Management Process Project Lite
  7. IT Services Pre-Release
Expand ContentClosing
  1. Lessons Learned survey to be sent to project team
  2. PMO to conduct Post Implementation Review Meeting
  3. Project Closing Documents Signed
  4. Archive Project Documents Project Lite
Expand ContentReferences and Resources
  1. Project Process Document Collection (DocuShare)
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