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Unified Messaging Project


The current OCTEL Voice Mail system provides service for 17,000 faculty, staff, and students, as well as Residential—Stanford West, Welch Road, etc.

In use since 1986, the system is at end-of-life and vendor support will be withdrawn in June 2011.The Unified Messaging project will implement next-generation voicemail technology to replace the OCTEL system with Movius Mereon technology, a new way to access your voicemail via phone, web, or email.

Initially, the focus of the project will be on replacement of the current features we have today. In May, all University voice mailboxes will be transitioned to the new system. After the initial transition, IT Services plans to introduce some new features. You will be able to:

  • listen to your voicemail via phone, web portal, or email client;
  • receive fax as a .tiff file;
  • have the system try to reach you at multiple numbers before forwarding a call to voicemail.

The cost of basic voice mailbox service will not increase; the cost of advanced services may be included with the basic voice mailbox, but this decision has not yet been finalized.

Impact to Client

  • New pilot voice mail and phone number: 5-0000 (650-725-0000 from off-campus).
  • Clients must re-record spoken name and personal greeting, and must change the default password at first access.
  • Our goal is to make mailboxes available for setup some days before cutover.
  • IT Services will reprogram call forwarding to the new UM system at cutover.

Implementation schedule

A phased system rollout will minimize impact on the campus.

  • IT Services will pilot the new unified messaging system first. All IT Services staff were transferred to the new system in March 2009. IT Services will conduct extensive real-world testing to ensure that any problems are identified and either mitigated or documented before the rest of campus moves to the new system.
  • University voice mail subscribers will migrate to the new system on May 17, 2009. The Hospital is slated as the final migration.

Project team

Information Technology Services
Project Sponsor Mark Miyasaki
Project Manager Kelly Miller
Engineering Christine Moe
Mark Bierly
Gayle Delia
Ron Otero
Campus Readiness Ammy Hill
Documentation Nuriya Janss

More information

To learn more about the Unified Messaging project, contact Kelly Miller,

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