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Wireless Pocket Telephone (PT)

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The Pocket Telephone (PT) system functions as a "mobile desk phone," allowing you to place and receive calls on your Stanford line while you're away from your desk.

Two systems of the PT are used at Stanford:

  • Ascom (APT), which at present is limited to the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital; and
  • SpectraLink (SPT), which covers Stanford University Hospital, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, attached buildings in the Medical Center Central Core; East Pavilion; B, C, D, E, F pods; Boswell; Grant; Edwards; Alway (Science); Clark Center; Cancer Center; LPCH Clinics (730 Welch); Lane Library; and Jordan Quad.

PTs provide considerable efficiency in the medical setting:

  • Both systems provide 5-digit dialing. SpectraLink includes voice mail integration with the existing Stanford telephone system, allowing you to use your PT as an adjunct to your desk phone in the same way you're accustomed to using your desk phone. For information on features, please see the Ascom and SpectraLink pages.

  • PT base stations (ceiling mounted antennas) allow you to use your PT throughout most of the Hospital/Medical Center complex, so you can be fully mobile and reachable via your usual telephone number.

  • Superior to cordless phone systems, the PT provides for secure conversations via state-of-the-art technology and digital encoding.

  • Five-digit dialing from cell phones back to campus phone lines with the prefixes 723, 724, 725, 736, 497 or 498;

  • Lightweight ergonomic handset allows ease of use; the PT is also headset-compatible, for hands-free use.

  • PT can be set to "silent alert" (vibrating) mode.

How to Order

Phones and Supplies

See the Ascom and SpectraLink pages for particulars on ordering phones and supplies.

Service and Activation

For service activation, please submit an online order at the OrderIT, choose Voice Services, and click New Wireless Pocket Phone Service. For more information about getting access to or using the IT Services Site, see the help pages at OrderIT Help.

See the Ascom and SpectraLink pages for more information on how to order.


For more information on rates, see the Rates section for Pocket Telephones.

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