The screen capture setup_database_group.gif illustrates the Home page for a Database group. There are two charts at the top of the page. The chart on the top left is a line graph depicting the Wait Time. Under the Wait Time graph is the number of Policy Violations in the Advice section. Under the Advice section is the Job Activity table. The table columns represent: Status, Submitted to the Group, and Submitted to Any Member.

The chart on the top right is a bar graph representing the Alert History. Under the Alert History chart is the Deployments Summary table. The table columns are: Database Installations, Targets, Installations, and Interim Patches Applied.

At the bottom of the page is a table listing the databases in the group. The columns in the table are: Name, Availability, Alerts, Policy Violations, Sessions: CPU, Sessions: I/O, Sessions: Other, and Instance CPU (%).

End of description.