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Oracle® Secure Backup Reference
Release 10.1

Part Number B14236-03
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Use the lshost command to display the names and attributes of one or more configured hosts.

See Also:

"Host Commands" for related commands


You must have the display administrative domain's configuration right to use the lshost command.



lsh•ost [ --long/-l | --short/-s ] [ --inservice/-o | --notinservice/-O ]
[ --noroles/-R ] [ --roles/-r role[,role]... [ hostname ]...



Displays host data in long form, which means that obtool displays all attributes and labels them. By default obtool displays a subset of these attributes in tabular form.


Displays host data in short form, which means that obtool displays only the host names.


Lists hosts that are logically available to Oracle Secure Backup.


Lists hosts that are not logically available to Oracle Secure Backup.


Suppresses the display of role information.

--roles/-r role ...

Lists hosts having the specified roles. Refer to"role" for a description of the role placeholder.

hostname ...

Specifies the name of the host machine for which to list data.


Table 2-10 describes the output of the lshost command.

Table 2-10 lshost Output

Label Indicates

Access mode

Setting is OB or NDMP

OB indicates the host has Oracle Secure Backup installed (on UNIX, Linux, or Windows machine) and uses Oracle Secure Backup internal communications protocol to communicate.

NDMP indicates the host does not have Oracle Secure Backup installed (for example, a filer/NAS device) and uses the network data management protocol (NDMP) to communicate.

IP names

Indicates the IP address of the host machine

In service

Host is eligible for use; setting is yes or no


Type of role; setting is client, admin, or media server

Any network

Specifies whether Oracle Secure Backup daemons listen for and accept connections from any network interface; setting is default, yes or no

Certificate key size

Specifies the size (in bits) of the public/private key used with the identity certificate for this host


Universal Unique Identifier; assigned by Oracle Secure Backup

NDMP port

Specifies the TCP port number used for NDMP on NDMP servers (see "port")

NDMP user name

Specifies the name used to authenticate Oracle Secure Backup to an NDMP server (see "username")

NDMP password

Specifies the password used to authenticate Oracle Secure Backup to an NDMP server (see "password")

NDMP backup type

Specifies a default backup type for an NDMP server (see "backuptype")

NDMP protocol version

Specifies an NDMP protocol version for an NDMP server (see "protocolversion")

NDMP auth type

Specifies the means by which the Oracle Secure Backup NDMP client authenticates itself to an NDMP server (see "authenticationtype")


Example 2-58 displays information in short form about all hosts and then displays information about brhost2 and br_filer in long form.

Example 2-58 Displaying Host Information

ob> lshost
brhost2          client                            (via OB)   in service
brhost3          mediaserver,client                (via OB)   in service
br_filer         client                            (via NDMP) in service
stadv07          admin,mediaserver,client          (via OB)   in service
ob> lshost --long brhost2 br_filer
    Access mode:            OB
    IP names:     
    In service:             yes
    Roles:                  client
    Any network:            default
    UUID:                   641fca34-fb32-1027-b11e-000cf1d9be50br_filer:
    Access mode:            NDMP
    IP names:     
    NDMP port:              (default)
    NDMP user name:         (default)
    NDMP password:          (set)
    NDMP backup type:       (default)
    NDMP protocol version:  (default)
    NDMP auth type:         (default)
    In service:             yes
    Roles:                  client
    Any network:            default
    UUID:                   1f80ef88-fb33-1027-b11e-000cf1d9be50