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March 8-9, 2006
Francophone Jewish Writers in the 19th and 20th centuries

Sponsored by The Sephardic Studies Project at the Taube Center for Jewish Studies, in conjunction with the Mediterranean Studies Forum at Stanford University

synagogue in ToledoThis workshop will examine Eastern Sephardi, North African, and French Jewish writers for whom French was the native language, the only feasible language of creativity, or simply a matter of choice. We will focus on their engagement with France, its culture and language, and try to understand what France meant to them and how they defined themselves in relation to it. Is the term "Francophone" a useful category of analysis? How can we approach the problem of the metropole, the colony, and French outside France's direct political orbit when we observe Jewish cultural milieux around the Mediterranean basin? During the workshop we hope to explore the similarities and dissimilarities between individual cases in order to find out whether it is legitimate to talk about a typology of Jewish cultural production in French.