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Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert
Department of Religious Studies
Building 70
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
(650) 723-3322


Associate Professor of Religious Studies (in Judaism), Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University, 2006-

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies (in Judaism), Department of Religious Studies, Stanford University, 2000-

Assistant Professor of Talmud, University of Judaism, Los Angeles, 1996-2000

Acting Assistant Professor of Religion, Department of Religion, Syracuse University, 1995-96

Lecturer, "Women in Ancient Judaism," undergraduate and graduate seminar, University of Washington, Seattle, 1994-95


Karl-Franzens-Universität Graz (Austria), Department of Catholic Theology, Visiting Professor (Lecture Course/Vorlesung: Sexualität und Gender im Judentum: Vom Biblischen bis zum Talmudischen Gesetzesdiskurs, July 2008

Graduate Theological Union/ Center for Jewish Studies, Berkeley, Spring Semester 2007 (Gender and Jewish Law Seminar)

Graduate Theological Union/ Center for Jewish Studies, Berkeley, Intersession Talmud Seminar, January 2006

Hebrew Union College in New York, Summer Minimester in Talmud for Rabbinical Students, June 2001 and 2002

University of Judaism, Talmud Graduating Examination for Rabbinical Students, Fall 2000, 2001, and 2002

Adjunct Faculty, Hebrew Union College in Los Angeles, Talmud Seminar, Fall 1999


Graduate Theological Union, Berkeley,Ph.D.(cum laude), 1995

Graduate Theological Union/Center for Jewish Studies, Berkeley, M.A.(cum laude), 1989

Kirchliche Hochschule (Protestant Seminary Berlin) and Free University, Berlin, B.A. (equivalent), 1986


Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1992-1993
Shalom Hartman Institute, Jerusalem, 1992-1993
School of Criticism and Theory at Dartmouth College, Summer 1992
Jewish Summer Institute, Institute for Advanced Studies, Hebrew University, Summer 1990
YIVO (Institute for Yiddish Language and Culture), Columbia University, New York, Summer 1988
University of Heidelberg and Hochschule für Jüdische Studien (Graduate School of Jewish Studies), Spring 1987


Hebrew (Biblical and Mishnaic), Aramaic (Talmudic), Greek (Classic and Koine), Latin

German, French, Hebrew, Yiddish


Scholarship Fellowships
Hartman North American Scholars' Circle, 2009-2010
Dean’s Fellow for the Humanities, Stanford University, for contribution to the Humanities 2004-2005
Humanities Center Fellow, Stanford University, awarded for 2003-04 (deferred till 2004-05, due to maternity leave)

Publication Fellowships
Finalist for the National Jewish Book Award in Jewish Scholarship, 2000
Salo Baron Wittmayer Prize for a best first book in Jewish Studies, 2000

Graduate and Dissertation Fellowships
Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, Dissertation Fellowship, 1994-95
Hazel D. Cole Fellowship, University of Washington, 1994-95
Newhall Research Fellowship, 1993-94
Lady Davis Dissertation Fellowship, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1992-93
Newhall Teaching and Research Fellowship, 1990-92
Herman F. and Elisabeth Graebe Memorial Fellowship, 1990


A. Books and Edited Volumes

Menstrual Purity: Rabbinic and Christian Reconstructions of Biblical Gender (Stanford University Press 2000, paperback 2001), Winner of the Salo Baron Wittmayer Prize for a Best First Book in Jewish Studies, 2000; Finalist of the National Jewish Book Award, Category: Jewish Scholarship, 2000 (paperback version 2001)

Jewish Conceptions and Practice of Space, ed. and intr. with Vered Shemtov, special edition of Jewish Social Studies 11:3 (Spring/ Summer 2005)

Cambridge Companion to Rabbinic Literature, ed. and intr. with Martin Jaffee (Cambridge University Press, May 2007)

Jacob Taubes, From Cult to Culture, ed., trsl. and preface with Amir Engel (Stanford University Press, January 2010)

In Preparation:

Re-Placing the Nation: Judaism, Diaspora and the Politics of Neighborhood (book manuscript in preparation)

Introduction to the Talmud (Cambridge University Press), under contract as part of their series on the great texts of the world’s religions, scheduled for 2007

Commentary on Tractate Eruvin, volume to be published with Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, as part of a multi-volume Feminist Commentary to the Talmud, to be edited by Tal Ilan and underwritten by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (German Research Foundation)

B. Articles in Refereed Journals

"Gynecological Exams in Rabbinic Literature - Women's Bodies Between Female Autonomy and Male Control," JAGNES 4:2, Fall 1993, pp.65-72

"When the Rabbi Weeps: On Reading Gender in Talmudic Aggadah," in Nashim: A Journal of Jewish Women's Studies & Gender Issues 4 (Fall 2001), pp.56-84

"The Didascalia Apostolorum: A Mishnah for the Disciples of Jesus," Journal of Early Christian Studies 9:4 (Winter 2001), pp.483-511

"When Women Walk in the Ways of Their Fathers: On Gendering the Rabbinic Claim for Authority," in Journal of the History of Sexuality 10: 3/4 (Winter 2001)

“From Separatism to Urbanism: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Origins of the Rabbinic Eruv,” Dead Sea Discoveries 11:1 (2004), pp.43-71

“The Political Symbolism of the Eruv,” Jewish Social Studies 11:3 (Spring/Summer 2005), pp.9-35

“On Carnal Israel and the Consequences: Talmudic Studies Since Foucault,” Jewish Quarterly Review 95:3 (Summer 2005), pp.462-469

“Plato in Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai’s Cave (bShabbat 33b-34a): The Talmudic Inversion of Plato’s Politics,” AJS Review 31:2 (Fall 2007), pp.277-296

“Blood and Law: Uterine Fluids and Rabbinic Maps of Identity,” Henoch 30:2 (2008) (special issue devoted to the topic of Blood) edited by Raanan Boustan and Annette Yoshiko Reed)

“Neighborhood as Ritual Space: The Case of the Rabbinic Eruv,” for Archiv für Religionsgeschichte 10 (2008), pp.239-258 (as part of a group of papers on domestic and   public spaces for ritual in Late Antiquity)

 “Une Cartographie Symbolique: le eruv en Diaspora,” Cahiers du Judaisme 25:26-27 ( 2009)

C. Chapters in Books/Anthologies

"Paul, How Can We Understand Him? How Do We Understand Our Understanding?" in Paul the Jew: Jewish/ Christian Dialogue, ed. by Wilhelm Wuellner and Haim Perelmuter, Center for Hermeneutical Studies 60, 1990, pp.48-53

"The Women with a Blood-Flow (Mark 5:24-34) Revisited: Menstrual Polemics in Christian Feminist Hermeneutics" in Early Interpretation of the Scriptures of Israel: Investigation and Proposals, JTNTSup 148, ed. by Craig A.Evans and James A. Sanders, 1997, pp.121-141

"Yalta's Ruse: Resistance Against Rabbinic Menstrual Authority in Talmudic Literature", in Women and Water: Female Rituals of Purification in Jewish History and Culture,ed. by Rachel Wasserfall, University Press of New England, 1999, pp.60-82

"To Increase Torah is to Increase Life: Poetics of the Mind and Poetics of the Everyday in Jewish Culture," in The Meaning of Life in the World Religions, Oxford: Oneworld Publications, 1999, pp.71-93

"Taming the Powers of Desire: Love and Sex in Jewish Culture," in Love, Sex and Gender in the World Religions, ed. by Joseph Runzo and Nancy M. Martin, Oxford: Oneworld Publications, 2000, pp.113-129

"Von Deutschland zum Judentum," in Zwischen-Räume: Deutsche feministische Theologinnen im Ausland, ed. by Katharina von Kellenbach und Susanne Scholz, Munster - Hamburg/ London: LitVerlag, 2000, pp.41-54

"The Beginnings of Rabbinic Textuality: Women's Bodies and Paternal Knowledge," in Beginning/Again: Toward a Hermeneutic of Jewish Texts, ed. by Aryeh Cohen and Shaul Magid, New York: Seven Bridges Press, 2001, pp.49-68

“Frauen im Judentum,” in Handbuch zur Geschichte der Juden in Europa, vol.II, ed. by E.V.Kotowski, J.H. Schoeps and H. Wallenborn, Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, 2001

“Judaism and Violence,” Religion and Violence, ed. by Philippe Buc, published in Morocco (in Arabic), 2002

“The Semiotics of the Sexed Body in Early Halakhic Discourse,” in Closed and Open: Readings of Rabbinic Texts, ed. by Matthew A. Kraus (Gorgias Press: 2006), pp.69-96 (Williams College conference volume)

“Jewish Christians, Judaizers, and Christian Anti-Judaism,” in Late Ancient Christianity, ed. by Virginia Burrus and Rebecca Lyman, Vol. 2 of A People’s History of Christianity (Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2005), pp.234-255

“The Handmaid, the Trickster and the Birth of the Messiah: A Critical Appraisal of the Feminist Valorization of Midrash Aggada,” in Current Trends in the Study of Midrash, ed. by Carol Bakhos, Supplement to Journal for the Study of Judaism 106,(Leiden: Brill, 2006), pp.245-277

“Regulating the Human Body: Rabbinic Legal Discourse and the Making of Jewish Gender,” in Cambridge Companion to Rabbinic Literature, ed. by C. Fonrobert and M. Jaffee (Cambridge University Press, 2007)

“Gender Politics in the Rabbinic Neighborhood: Tractate Eruvin,” in Introduction to the Feminist Talmud Commentary – Seder Moed, ed. by Tal Ilan, Tamara Or, Dorothea M. Salzer, Christiane Steuer and Irina Wanderey (Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 2007)

D. Encyclopedia Articles

“Abomination,” “Androginos,” “Blasphemy,” “Blood” in Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception (Berlin: Walter de Gruyter, April 2009)

“Orthodoxy,” in International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences (forthcoming, Macmillan USA, 2007)

“Gender Identity in Jewish Law,” in Jewish Women: A Comprehensive Historical Encyclopedia (CD-Rom Edition), ed. by Paula Hyman and Dalia Ofer (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 2007)

“Purification in Judaism,” in Encyclopedia of Religion, 2nd edition (2004)

E. Book Reviews

Catherine Hezser, “Form, Function, and Historical Significance of the Rabbinic Story in Yerushalmi Neziqin,” 1993, in Religious Studies Review
Reinhard Feldmeier and Ulrich Heckel, eds., “Die Heiden: Juden, Christen und das Problem des Fremden,” 1994, for IOUDAIOS Review (professional computer list)
Neusner, Jacob, “Rabbinic Literature and the New Testament,” 1994 for Journal of Biblical Literature
Michael L. Satlow, “Tasting the Dish: Rabbinic Rhetorics of Sexuality,” 1995 for Religious Studies Review
J. Julius Scott, “Customs and Controversies: Intertestamental Jewish Backgrounds of the New Testament,” 1995, for Critical Review of Books in Religion
Robert Brody, “The Geonim of Babylonia and the Shaping of Medieval Jewish Culture,” 1998 for Hebrew Literature
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Judith Hauptman, “Rereading the Rabbis: A Women's Voice,” 1998, for Religious Studies Review
Meir Bar-Ilan, Some Jewish Women in Antiquity, 1998, for Association for Jewish Studies Review 25:1 (2000/2001), pp.101-104
James L. Kugel, ed., Studies in Ancient Midrash, Shofar 22:4 (Summer 2004)
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Giuseppe Veltri, Gegenwart der Tradition: Studien zur jüdischen Literature und Kulturgeschichte (2002), for Studia Philonica Annual, 2004
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Evyatar Marienberg, Niddah: Lorsque les juifs conceptualisent la menstruation (2003), for AJS Review, Summer 2007
Schlör, Joachim, Das Ich der Stadt (2005); together with M. Kümper, B. Rösch, U. Schneider, H. Thien, eds., Makom: Orte und Räume im Judentum (2007), and J. Brauch, A. Lipphardt, and A. Nocke, Jewish Topographies: Visions of Space, Traditions or Place (2008), Review Essay for AJS Review 33:1 (Spring 2009)

F. Commentaries

Post-Biblical Literary Commentary on select Torah Portions (“Tazria,” “Metzora,” “Bechukotai,” “Re’eh”), 750 words each, for Women’s Torah Commentary (New York: URJ Press, 2007)

Jewish Mosaic, Torah Queeries Commentary, “Va-yikra’”(NYU Press, 2009)


A. Professional Associations

“The Jewish Holy Man in Late Antiquity,” Regional Meeting of the Society for Biblical Literature, Santa Clara, March 1992
“The Case of Abaye’s Mother,” American Academy of Religion, Washington D.C., November 1994
“Inside the Body, Outside the Body: The Ketem and Menstrual Impurity in Rabbinic Literature,” Society for Biblical Literature, Chicago, November 1994
“In Beruriah’s Footsteps: Toward a Feminist Halakhic Culture,” American Academy of Religion, Chicago, November, 1994
“Representations of Menstruation in Jewish Culture,” Panel at the Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, December 1994
“Neither Male Nor Female, Both Male and Female: The Hermaphrodite as Third Gender in Rabbinic Literature,” American Academy of Religion, Philadelphia, November 1995
“The Woman with a Blood-Flow (Mark 5:24-34): Menstrual Polemics in Christian Feminist Hermeneutics,” Society of Biblical Literature, Philadelphia, November 1995
“Whose House is this Body? Conflicting Conceptions of the Women's Body in Talmudic Literature,” Association for Jewish Studies, Boston, December 1995
“The Concept of Jewish Christianity as Retrospective Fallacy: A Case Study of the Didascalia Apostolorum,” American Academy of Religion, San Francisco, November 1997
“The Metaphorical Militarization of the Beit Ha-Midrash in Talmudic Literature,” Association of Jewish Studies, Boston, December 1997
“The Exile of Loneliness: Gertrud Kolmar's poetry as the Missing Voice for Rabbinic Literature,” Western Jewish Studies Association, March 1998
“Gender as a Category in Redaction Criticism of Rabbinic Texts: The Case of Avot de-Rabbi Nathan,” Association for Jewish Studies, December 1998
“‘Let the Past be Different:’ Rabbinic Texts and the Critique of Nostalgia,” Association for Jewish Studies, December 1999
“The Rabbi in Tears: On the Passions in Babylonian Aggadah,” Society of Biblical Literature, November 2001
“Strategies of Legitimation in the Didascalia Apostolorum,” American Society of Church History, January 2002
“The Figuration of Paul in Jacob Taubes’ Philosophy of Religion,” Association for Jewish Studies, 2002
“Rabbinic Maps of Urban Identity: The Eruv, Mixed Neighborhoods and Symbolic Boundaries” Society of Biblical Literature, San Antonio, November 2004
“The Political Symbolism of the Eruv,” Association for Jewish Studies, Chicago, December 2004
“The Semiotics of the Sexed Body in Early Halakhic Discourse,” World Congree of Jewish Studies, Jerusalem, August 2005
“Drawing the Line: On the Uncertainties of Rabbinic Heresiography,” Society of Biblical Literature, November 2005
“Neighborhood as Ritual Space: The Case of the Rabbinic Eruv,” Society of Biblical Literature, Washington, November 2006
“History, Theory and Text: On the Christianization of the Rabbis,” Association for Jewish Studies, San Diego, December 2006

B. Conferences

“How are the Daughters of Israel Different from all 'other' Women,” Melton Center for Jewish Studies, Ohio State University, Conference on Hebrew and the Humanities, April 1996
“To Increase Torah is to Increase Life: Poetics of the Mind and Poetics of the Everyday in Jewish Culture,” Chapman University, Orange County, International Conference on “The Meaning of Life in the World Religions,” April 1997
“Taming the Powers of Desire: Love and Sexuality in Jewish Culture,” Chapman University, Orange County, International Conference on “Love and Sexuality in the World Religions,” April 1998
“Überlegungen zur Genealogie der Taharat ha-Mishpachah,” Conference in Germany, Gerhard-Mercator University, Duisburg, on “Women and Gender in Ashkenazi Jewish Culture” March 1999
“The Didascalia Apostolorum: A Mishnah for the Disciples of Jesus,” Conference at Trinity College, Hartford, on “The Origins of the Judeo-Christian Tradition Reconsidered,” June 1999
“Disciplinary Boundaries,” Stanford Conference on “Jewish Studies in the University: Past and Future,” April 2002
Response to Gil Anidjar, “Our Place in Al-Andalus,” Jacques Derrida Conference at Stanford, May 2002
“Judaism and Violence,” Conference on “Religion and Violence” through the Mac Arthur Consortium on Peace and International Cooperation at Stanford University, May 9-10, 2003
“The Semiotics of the Sexed Body in Early Halakhic Discourse,” Conference at Williams College on “How Should Late Antique Rabbinic Literature Be Read in the Modern World: Hermeneutical Limits and Possibilities,” October 26-27, 2003
“On the Hermaphrodite and tumtum in Rabbinic Literature,” Conference on Women and Gender in Rabbinic Literature, Israel: Haifa University, March 5, 2007
“Reitualization of the Body in Roman Judaism,” Conference on Individualization in Religion in Antiquity, University of Erfurt/ Max Weber Institute, September 2009

C. Invited Lectures

“Auf den Spuren Beruriah's: Über das Verhältnis von Frauen zum Torah Studium,” Friends of Hebrew University, Düsseldorf/ Germany, January 1997
“Text and Context: Reading Women into Rabbinic Literature,” Symposium with Judith Hauptman, Smith College, March 1998
“Hermeneutics as Polemics: Rabbis, Church Fathers and Their Opponents,” Hermeneutics Seminar, University of California, Los Angeles, February 1999
“Rabbis, Christian Jews and Jewish Christians: Reading Jewish Identity in the Talmudic Period,” Johns Hopkins University and Loyola Marymount, Baltimore, March 2000
“Sailing on the Edge of Scripture: Jewish and Christian Identity in the Fourth Century C.E.,” Claremont Graduate School, March 2000
“Mapping Rabbinic Identity Into Diaspora Space: On the Origins of the Eruv,” University of Chicago, Workshop: The Hermeneutics of Classical Jewish Sources, February 2002
“Jewish Tradition and Feminist Innovation,” St. Lawrence University, Kathryn Fray Mackay Memorial Lecture, March 2002
“Women's Bodies and the Beginning of Rabbinic Torah,” San Diego State University, March 2002
“Meaningful Work in Judaism,” Occidental College, June 2002
“From Separatism to Urbanism: The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Origins of the Rabbinic Eruv,” University of Notre Dame, March 2003
“Gender Identity and Jewish Law,” Boston Hebrew College, May 2003
“From Text to Culture and Back Again: The Talmud and the Humanities,” UCLA, Keynote Address for Graduate Student Conference in Jewish Studies, February 2005
“From Text to Culture and Back Again: The Talmud and the Humanities,” at Brandeis University, March 2005
“Gettho oder Neighborhood? Der politische Symbolismus des Eruv,” University of Potsdam: Graduiertenkolleg Makom, November 2005
“Weder Mann noch Frau: Hermaphroditen in der Rabbinischen und Römischen Gesetzesliteratur,” Freie Universität Berlin: Judaistik Fakultät, Dezember 2005

D. Endowed Lectures

“Regulating the Human Body: Rabbinic Law and the Making of Jewish Gender,” Trinity College, Dublin: The Bronfman Lectures on Judaism and Gender, September 2005
“Making a Home in the Diaspora: Judaism and the Neighborhood,” Adam Cherrick Lecture in Jewish Studies, Washington University in St. Louis, March 21, 2007


Series co-editor of Divinations: Rereading Religion in Late Antiquity, Monograph Series at Stanford University Press, 2000-2002, at University of Pennsylvania Press, 2002-2005

Book Review Editor for the AJS Review, November 2006 -

Editorial Board, International Member, Cahiers du Judaïsme, February 2009


Association for Jewish Studies
World Congress of Jewish Studies
American Academy of Religion
Society of Biblical Literature
North American Patristics Society


At the University of Judaism, 1996-2000
Committee of Academic Affairs, Chair, 1999-2000
Finkelstein (Post-) Doctoral Fellowship Selection Committee, Chair, 1998-2000

At Stanford University

A.   Postitions
Director of Graduate Studies, Department of Religious Studies, Sept. 2006-2008
Co-Director of the Taube Center for Jewish Studies, September 2007-

B.   Committees
Committee of Graduate Studies, Academic Senate, March 2009-
Judicial Affairs, Faculty Representative, 2007-2008
Steering Committee Member, Jewish Studies Program, 2000 -
Search Committee Member, Department of Religious Studies, 2000-2004
Graduate Student Admission Committee, 2003, 2004, 2006
Program Committee Member, Feminist Studies Program 2002 -
Kennedy Thesis and Essay Award Selection Committee, Center for Jewish Studies, May 2001 and 2002
Lopes Thesis and Essay Prizes in Feminist Studies Selection Committee, May 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007
Dissertation Fellowship Selection Committee, Stanford Humanities Center, Winter 2006
Interdepartmental Search Committee, Representative of Department of Religious Studies, Position in Islam, 2006/ 2007

In Professional Organizations:
Steering Committee, American Academy of Religion, Section: Judaism, 1999 - 2001
Chair of Judaism Section for the Western Regional American Academy of Religion, 2001 - 2003
Board Member of the Women's Caucus, Association of Jewish Studies, 2001 - 2004
Steering Committee, Society of Biblical Literature, Section: History and Literature of Early Rabbinic Judaism, 2002 -
Steering Committee, American Academy of Religion, Group: Europe and the Mediterranean in Late Antiquity, 2003 –
Board of Directors, Association for Jewish Studies, 2004 –
Chair, Section: History and Literature of Early Rabbinic Judaism, Society of Biblical Literature, 2006 - 2007

Advisory Board Member for the Global Ethics and Religion, Chapman University, California, 1999 –


Reviewed manuscripts for Oxford University Press, Stanford University Press, University of California Press, Association for Jewish Studies Journal, Jewish Social Studies, Cambridge University Press, Jewish Quarterly Review, Journal for Early Christian Studies, Journal of Jewish Studies, Indiana University Press, Routledge

Consultant for the institution of a position on Gender Studies in Jewish Culture at Jewish Theological Seminary, March 2003

Organized Stanford Humanities Center Mellon Workshop on “Configuring Late Antiquity,” 2002-2003

Organized Conference on Jewish Conceptions and Practices of Space at Center for Jewish Studies, Stanford University, May 18-19, 2003


Summer Seminar on Tum'ah at Bat Kol, A Feminist Beit Midrash for Women, Jerusalem, July 1998

Lishma - A Summer Program of Study for College Students and Post-Graduates at Camp Ramah, Ojai, August 1999 and 2000

Hebrew Union College and The Joint Commission for Sustaining Rabbinic Education, Department of Distance Education, Sefirah Study 2002

Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, New York, Lectures in Women's Talmud Course, Fall 2001 and March 2002

Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, New York, March 2002, March 2003

Regular Talmud Teaching Session at Beth Israel, Orthodox Synagogue in Berkeley, California, 2002 - 2003

Beit Midrash Talmud Study, Stanford University, September 2006 -