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2005-06 Visiting Scholars

Amelia Glaser
Amelia Glaser, currently a lecturer in Yiddish language and literature and Slavic Literature, received her Ph.D in Comparative Literature at Stanford in 2004. Amelia spent the last academic year as a fellow at the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute and U. Penn's Center for Advanced Judaic Studies. She recently translated and coedited a bilingual anthology of Yiddish poetry, titled Proletpen: American's Rebel Yiddish Poets (U. of Wisconsin Press, 2005), and is currently revising a book on images of markets and fairs in Russian, Yiddish and Ukrainian literature.

Tim Bradford
Tim Bradford received a BA in Human Biology from Stanford University and recently completed a PhD in English at Oklahoma State University. His poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in Diagram, H_NGM_N, Bombay Gin, Poems & Plays, Terminus and Runes, and his novella-in-progress has garnered the support of the Koret Foundation's Young Writer on Jewish Themes Award for 2004-5. Tim Bradford is teaching at Stanford  a course on Modern and Contemporary Hybrid Narratives in fall 2005.  He will read from his work on  Dec 7.

Olga Borovaya
Olga Borovaya, PhD in cultural studies, published a number of articles in English and Russian on Ladino belles lettres. She also authored the first Russian monograph on Sephardi culture: Modernization of a Culture: Belles Lettres and Theater of Ottoman Jews at the Turn of the 20th Century(Moscow, 2005) and Literature and Theater (Moscow, 2005) Currently, she is working on the English book on Ladino literature, and press at the turn of the 20th century. This academic year, she is the American Academy of Jewish Research Fellow at Stanford. She teaches Translation and the Rise of Jewish Literatures in Modern Times in the Autumn, and JEWISHST 247B. Introduction to Ladino Literature in the Winter.

Janis Plotkin
Janis Plotkin, former Executive Artistic Director of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, will be teaching at Stanford courses on Jewish Film. Her courses provide fresh and alternative perspectives on history, ethnicity, and identity. A variety of film genres brought the viewer closer to the emotional reality of displacement, memory, and renewal. Janis focused especially on films from Argentina, France, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Israel, Mexico, and the former USSR

Shavit Matias
Shavit Matias is the Deputy Attorney General of Israel; she provides opinions to the Israeli Government on International Law and Policy matters and will teach a class at Stanford in the Spring on Globalization, Middle East Regional Dilemmas, and Israel.