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2006-07 Visiting Scholars

Rachel Albeck-Girdron
Rachel Albeck-Girdron is Associate Professor of Hebrew Literature in Bar Ilan University.  Some of her recent publication include: Exiled and Suppressed Voices: On the Ashkenazi Pronunciation of Hebrew as a Postmodernistic Question, On the Poetic Status of Mystical Language in U. Z. Grinberg's Poetry, Who is a Hebrew writer? On National Definitions of Literary Texts and The Draft Renounced by History: Appelfeld's Journey into Winter and the Radiance of Noah's Ark as a Healing Discourse. She is currently working on the relations between Eastern and Jewish philosophies and Hebrew literature and on the works of Yoel Hoffmann. Her book The Monadic Epoch: Leibnitz and the Modernism of the 20th Century will be published this year in Bar-Ilan University Press. Professor Albeck-Gidron will teach at Stanford the course "East West East in Israeli Literature: The Novels of Yoel Hoffman."

Mary Felstiner
Mary Felstiner is professor of History at San Francisco State University and author of the award-winning biography To Paint Her Life: Charlotte Salomon in the Nazi Era, Charlotte Salomon: Een Biografie and Out of Joint: A Private and Public Story of Arthritis (University of Nebraska, 2005).  Felstiner's most recent publication is an article on "Women's Progress, World Progress,"  Journal of Women's History, Volume 17, Number 2 (2005). In the winter quarter of 2007 she  will teach a course on the Holocaust.

Michael K. Silber
Michael K. Silber is a History professor at the  Department of Jewish History, Hebrew University. His work concentrates on the Jews in Austria-Hungary and on the history of Orthodox Jewry.  His research interests are: Modern Jewish history, especially in the Habsburg Empire and Hungary: emancipation, assimilation, Haskala, Orthodoxy, economic history, geographic history, nationalism, the Old Yishuv in Eretz Israel.  Some of his publications include an edited  book on Jews in the Hungarian Economy, 1760-1945, and articles on The Historical Experience of German Jewry and its Impact on Haskalah and Reform in Hungary, A Jewish Minority in a Backward Economy: an Introduction, The Emergence of Ultra-Orthodoxy: the Invention of a Tradition and The Social Composition of the Pest Radical Reform Society.  Silber will teach at Stanford the following courses: "Tradition in Crisis: Orthodox Judaism in  Modern Times" and "Transformation of Central European Jewry: Germany and Austria-Hungary, 1700-1880."

Nathan Wachtel
Nathan Wachtel, Professor of Latin American History and Anthropology, Collège de France, will deliver the  The Aaron-Roland Lecture in Jewish Studies and teach a course on  "Marranos, Conversos, and Crypto-Jews in  Latin America, 16th-20th Centuries." Some of his books include Jewish Memories (with Lucette Valensi), Gods and Vampires and Faith of the Memory.