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African and Middle Eastern Program: Hebrew Literature

JEWISHST 104. Hebrew Forum. Winter (Shemtov, V.)

African and Middle Eastern Program: Jewish Languages

JEWISHST 101A. Beginning Hebrew, First Quarter. Autumn (Shemtov, V.)

JEWISHST 101B. Beginning Hebrew, Second Quarter. Winter (Shemtov, V.)

JEWISHST 101C. Beginning Hebrew, Third Quarter. Spring (Greif, E.; Porat, G.)

JEWISHST 102A. Intermediate Hebrew, First Quarter. Autumn (Greif, E.; Porat, G.)

JEWISHST 102B. Intermediate Hebrew, Second Quarter. Winter(Greif, E.; Porat, G.)

JEWISHST 102C. Intermediate Hebrew, Third Quarter. Spring (Shemtov, V.)

JEWISHST 104A, B, C. Beginning Yiddish. Autumn, Winter, Spring (Levitow, J.)

JEWISHST 107A, C. Biblical Hebrew. Autumn, Spring (Porat, G.)

AMELANG 297. Directed Reading in African and Middle Eastern Languages. Autumn, Winter, Spring (staff)

AMELANG 395. Graduate Studies in African and Middle Eastern Languages. Autumn, Winter, Spring (staff)


JEWISHST 117. From Generation to Generation: Scientific and Cultural Approaches to Jewish Genetics. Autumn (Rosenberg, N.; Weitzman, S.)


JEWISHST 5B. Biblical Greek II. Winter (Loar, M.)

Comparative Literature

JEWISHST 145. Reflection on the Other: The Jew and Arab in Literature and Film. Winter (Shemtov, V.)

JEWISHST 149/347. Narrative and Ethics. Winter (Eshel, A.)

JEWISHST 241. Visions of the Future in Literature. Spring (Shemtov, V.)


JEWISHST 291X. Knowing God: Learning Religion in Popular Culture. Autumn (Kelman, A.)

JEWISHST 293X. Faith in Schools: Religion and Formal Education. Winter (Kelman, A.)

German Studies

JEWISHST 147/349. German Capstone: Reading Franz Kafka. Winter (Eshel, A.)


JEWISHST 17N. Intimacy, Secrets and the Past: Biography in History and
Winter (Zipperstein, S.)

JEWISHST 182C. Heretics to Headscarves. Winter (Rakove, J.)

HIST 222B/322B. Circles of Hell: Poland in WWII. Autumn (Jolluck, K.)

JEWISHST 286C/386C. Jews and the Russian Revolution. Spring (Zipperstein, S.)

JEWISHST 287D/387D. Tel Aviv: Site, Symbol, City. Autum (Dubnov, A.)

JEWISHST 287E/387E. Jewish Intellectuals and the Crisis of Modernity. Spring (Dubnov, A.)

JEWISHST 288/388. Palestine and the Arab-Israeli Conflict. Winter (Beinin, J.)

JEWISHST 385A. Core in Jewish History, 17th-19th Centuries. Autumn (Rodrigue, A.)

JEWISHST 385B. Core in Jewish History, 20th Centuries. Winter (Zipperstein, S.)

JEWISHST 486A, B. Graduate Research Seminar in Jewish History. Spring, Summer (Zipperstein, S.)


MUSIC 30N. A Stranger in a Strange Land: Jewish Musics in Translation. Winter (Rodin, J.; Schultz, A.)

Thinking Matters

TM 2. Ultimate Meanings. Winter (Weitzman, S.)

Religious Studies

JEWISHST 5N. Religion and Politics: Comparing Europe to the US. Winter (Fonrobert, C.)

JEWISHST 23. Exploring Judaism. Spring (Weitzman, S.)

JEWISHST 120. Genesis and Gender: Male and Female in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Winter (Fonrobert, C.)

JEWISHST 128. The Five Books of Moses. Autumn (Weitzman, S.)

JEWISHST 134. Sacred Space. Winter (Mandsager, J.)

RELIGST 140. Religion and Ethics: The Limits of Dialogue. Spring (Fonrobert, C.)

RELIGST 221B/321B. What is Talmud? Spring (Fonrobert, C.)

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