September 27. Introduction (Noah Rosenberg, Steve Weitzman) followed by: Marc Feldman, “The Genetics of the Samaritans and other Middle Eastern Peoples”

Slides for 9/27 available here.

October 4. Elad Ziv(University of California, San Francisco)  “Genetics of breast cancer risk and mammographic density in Ashkenazi Jews”

Slides for 10/4 available here.

October 11. Doron Behar (Rambam Medical Center, Israel)  “The Archaeogenetics of the Jewish People”

Slides for 10/11 available here.

October 18. John Efron (University of California, Berkeley) "Jews and the Science of Race at the Fin-de-Siècle"

No slides were presented.

October 25. Roy King (Stanford) and Aaron Brody (Bade Museum of Biblical Archaeology) “Genetics and the Archaeology of Ancient Israel”

Slides for 10/25 available here.

November 1. Susan Kahn (Harvard) “Are Genes Jewish? Conceptual Ambiguities in a New Genetic Age”

Slides for 11/1 available here.

November 8. Arno Motulsky (University of Washington) “Jewish Genetics in Health and Disease”

Slides for 11/8 available here.

November 15. Shelley Reuter (Concordia University) “Tay-Sachs as a ‘Jewish’ Disease”

November 29. Neil Risch (UCSF) “Genetic Diseases in the Ashkenazim and Ashkenazi History”

Slides for 11/29 available here.

December 6. Concluding panel (Noah Rosenberg, Steve Weitzman)

Slides for 12/6 available here.

Organized by:

Professors Noah Rosenberg and Steve Weitzman

This program is the initiative of the Taube Center for Jewish Studies and Stanford's Department of Biology and made possible by a generous grant from The Koret Foundation.

Co-sponsors include: Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity; Ecology and Evolution Group; Morrison Institute for Population and Resource Studies; Stanford Center for Population Research; Institute for Research in the Social Sciences and Stanford Continuing Studies.